Alexis Bistro @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City

When life gives you lemons… make Lemonade!
But Lemonade still taste bad sometimes when you’re not in the right mood.

What makes you happy when you’re surrounded with lemons?

Just a sweet & mood-uplifting post to erase all suffocating events.

How to put a smile back on?

#1 Desserts @ Alexis
A few slices of heaven to cheer the girls up!

Mixed Berries Meringue


Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice Ice Cream


Tiramisu – the very delicious birthday cake. Previous post in Bangsar HERE.


#2 Hug yourself with friends and treat yourself a good lunch


#3 Too bad the food wasn’t up to expectation 🙁
Moist and bland spaghetti especially. 


Asked myself: better now?
I need more desserts.

Lot f209 1st Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
T +603 2287 2281

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11 Replies to “Alexis Bistro @ The Gardens, Mid Valley City”

  1. Hmm, Alexis gave a very wrong impression since my first and only visit. Hence we never returned.
    But the Pavlova should be worthy of a toothache or two.

  2. let's go for more desserts! too bad u can't make it today. huhuu…
    hearts their tiramisu lots!

  3. Their desserts are looking great! I feel like eating them too 😀 Aw.. too bad their food didnt meet ur expectation huh..

  4. very nice photos especially of the melting ice cream! woooo!

  5. I think I would only return for their desserts, not the main course. 🙂

  6. i love alexis desserts! especially the tiramisu is to kill for! 😀

  7. Great pix..what camera is that??

  8. one of my fav place to hunt for cakes~

  9. Ah, so Alexis is good for the dessert but not a place to have the mains and appetizer eh.

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Pavlova at alexis isn't that sweet. haha. maybe our threshold for sweetness is higher ;P I can't take too sweet and thought it was still alright 🙂 Food wasn't really good tho 🙁

    still waiting for u dear 😉

    yeah. food was bad 🙁

    thanks babe!

    same here 🙂

    yes! tiramisu here rocks 😉

    hi thanks. we r using Canon EOS450D

    ours too 🙂

    what we ordered wasn't nice that day. Maybe you could try their lamb shank. Heard it's good ;P

  11. Looks like a lovely place for lunch! We were at Gardens by the Bay, but didn’t have time to eat here. Maybe next time 🙂

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