Windermere, Lake District @ Cumbria, England – 2 days 1 night

It’s about time again we continue to share our travel tales from the west.
Beautiful tales from the countryside this time.

The Lake District, a mountainous region located in the North West of England. Very famous for its lakes and its mountains, it has became a popular holiday destination; for those who seek tranquility and peace especially. Right here at Lake District, nestled the National Park and it also contains the deepest and longest lakes in England. Lake Windermere is one of them & it is the largest natural lake in England, and is fed by numerous rivers.


A glimpse of our 2 days 1 night stay at Windermere, Cumbria.
Another spontaneous trip it was. We depended solely on the GPS we’ve got after renting a car. Without booking any hotels/ shelters. Exciting!


It took us about 3 hours to reach Windermere from Glasgow with coffee break stops at Carlisle and other districts, overwhelmed with ‘ooo-s and ahh-s’ of their picturesque landscape.


Looking north from the foot of Windermere. Source.


Rented our car (Ford Focus – Manual) from:
Hertz Car Hire:
Approximately RM1200 for 7 days (inclusive of GPS)

#1 Windermere Town
Windermere is a town in Cumbria, England, lying about one kilometre away from Lake Windermere. A very friendly and safe town, traveling around town is also very convenient; a number of taxis and buses also operate around the towns and from the railway station.

Windermere @ Lake District

Windermere @ Lake District3




#2 Village House Bed and Breakfast
Without any reservations in advance, we made a round trip and finally decided on the warm and friendly couple; Tony & his wife who welcomed us at the Village House Bed and Breakfast.
Ideally situated, close to both the rail and coach stations, the Village House is an excellent place to stay while visiting the Lake Distric in Windermere. Good thing about staying at a B&B is the homely atmosphere they provide you, with authentic feelings of typical English homes.

Windermere @ Lake District1


Windermere @ Lake District2

And most importantly; English Breakfast with sausages from Cumbria!


Our breakfast prepared by the couple.




We’re happy folks at Village House. Having breakfast in pajamas. yikes.


A fantastic family run B&B in the Heart of Windermere, Cumbria.
Call +44 015394 46041 for further enquiries

#3 Happy Hour
Live the way they live. Shops will be closed very early at about 4-5pm. Thus after dinner, we went to a nearby bar restaurant to chill. Having a pint or 2 is a must. Putting in pennies into their old school music player selecting Michael Jackson’s hits while watching Chris snook.


We cheered with Guinness 🙂


Winners Stay. Chris beating all local folks.

Next: We crossed Lake Windermere, England’s largest lake the next morning after breakfast! Till then!

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10 Replies to “Windermere, Lake District @ Cumbria, England – 2 days 1 night”

  1. The sceneries at UK are really great! I like the one at the foot of Windermere.. Just looking at it makes me feel like going there too.. hahaha.. nice pictures, u guys must had a wonderful trip ya?

  2. soooooooo nice! i want a trip like urs! by the way, i had that jam this morning too 🙂 hehe

  3. I love Lake District, it's one of my favorite scenery places in UK. Looking at your post brings back good memories. 🙂

    If you're still there, you should seek out Sharrow Bay in Ullswater – they do great food there.

  4. nice eh.. relax in such a peacefull environemtn~

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea we had. the place was really beautiful. more continuation next 🙂

    triptee jam? nice rite!

    Baby Sumo~
    thanks for the info! but we didn't manage the visit ;P
    We went Ambleside the next day before heading north again.

    very relaxing.

  6. good stuff. makes me miss the place:)

  7. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wish we could go back someday too 🙂

  8. i love this little town. the view is amazing.

  9. what i want to say is, this place is really peacful! i like the scenery there 😀 u are still in england ?

  10. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    u went there too rite? 🙂 I miss UK!

    we're so in love with the place 🙂
    nope. Back to M'sia dy ^^

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