MBuji Cafe @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Where do you usually hang out for your favourite cup of coffee?

We recently came across MBuji Cafe, a little comfy coffee shop cuddled up in Sunway Giza Mall at Kota Damansara.
As you might wonder what does Mbuji mean, their name was derived from a rock in Tanzania, a nation in central East Africa that the natives would worship and share offerings to this stone and it’s like a monument to them. Bordering this area is a tribe of natives that make a living by harvesting coffee.


Thanks to MBuji for the invitation, we were entertained by the variety of coffee they served. As we were scrutinizing their surroundings and menu, there’s a feeling of sympathy as we get to know that the coffee growers/ natives at Tanzania have an average life span of only about 35 years. Sad isn’t it?
Malaria has been the major cause of death. And this place is flooded by poverty.
However, MBuji Cafe helped by getting their coffee bean supplies straight from the natives in Tanzania, guaranteeing direct trading and sales to the coffee growers.
Money from the coffee would then help the locals in many ways; food, education, medication and other utilities. Salute MBuji Cafe for their loving effort.

mBuji @ Sunway Giza

It’s a must to have a cuppa. Coffee beans of different grades with the strong aroma from all over the world.
They even offer coffee cocktail.
Chris has evolved from a coffee lover to the addict now. *wink*



Bittersweet love – RM14.90
A blend of orange and chocolate coffee that gives you a bitter sweet taste


Hazelnut dream – RM 14.90
A blend of hazelnut coffee and froth sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts


Short macchiato – RM6.90
A shot of coffee cream and a dash of milk to soften the zest of the




Tantalizing chocolate mint RM – 14.90
Blend of chocolate mint coffee and milk garnished with chocolate
mint and mint leaves


For non-coffee people, check out their African spiced – RM9.50
Traditional tea spiced with cinnamon and clove


While sipping away with the coffee of your choice, it’s a match in heaven to nibble some cookies.


Need more fares to munch on?
Quesadillas – RM13.60
Grilled chicken filling with cheese in tortilla served with sour cream


Fish and chips – RM17.80
Fish steak dipped in batter


Spicy Chicken Wings – RM11.90
Fried chicken wings coated in spicy sauce. Tangy sauce coating the wings.


Pasta Prawn Olio – RM18.20
Spaghetti Aglio a Olio with prawns sautéed in olive oil


Pasta Creamy – RM14.60
Creamy cheese spaghetti topped with chicken strips in creamy herbed sauce


Desserts that would go well with the coffee.


It’s tear-jerking to learn that the people at East Africa has been suffering from the catastrophe. Lend a helping hand to the needy 🙂
You could when you discover the adventurous coffee brewed at MBuji.
Btw, MBuji is pronounced at “Boo-Ji”.


MBuji Cafe
Lot 15, Blok B,
Sunway Giza,
Kota Damansara,
41780 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E.
Tel: +603 61481267
Fax: 603 61481297
Email: askmbuji@gmail.com
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4 Replies to “MBuji Cafe @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara”

  1. Drink a cup of coffee, and save a life? 🙂
    Cheesy, but I will take your word for it. Anyway, this Sunway Giza dazzled me, for the many new eateries set up in the place.

  2. Good news for the coffee lovers out there, the shop got variety of coffee to choose from =] At first I thought of the coffee only, but i see they also got some nice-looking food there. Must be very tasty~

  3. hmm…i love the art coffee design…so artistic

  4. Ha. I can't make it that night T_T

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