Auntie Lora Prawn Mee @ Jalan Pudu

We’re now a big fan to Tung Sing @ Kajang when it comes to breakfast with black coffee, nasi lemak, toast and half-boiled eggs on weekends.

Broke the routine when dad decided to give us a ride, heading down to Jalan Pudu for a taste of one of his fave Prawn Noodle.
A small stall tucked in Jalan Pudu behind the Pudu wet market, towards Jalan Cheras, in between Win Son Coffee Shop & next to Thean Fah hardware shop; known as Auntie Lora.


Chris love his Prawn Mee broth rich in flavour and colouring from prawn shells, patiently sauteed to deep ruby brown. So do I.


They also serve Assam Laksa that has distinctive flavourof lemongrass, galangal and chili. Love it sourish. A dash of thick shrimp paste “petis udang” gave it a hint of sweetness. However, we still prefer their prawn noodle 🙂
the chef behind Auntie Lora. Hmm.. wonder if he’s Uncle Lora. haha.
Auntie Lora
Coffeeshop next to Thean Fah Hardware Shop
506, Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
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7 Replies to “Auntie Lora Prawn Mee @ Jalan Pudu”

  1. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    too far lah…

  2. I like the prawn mee and asam laksa.. both are my favorite =] thanks for sharing~

  3. i thought this uncle is working at Tmn Segar selling prawn mee and asam laksa?? LOL.. They look similar..

  4. This is not the famous Pudu prawn mee. The original one is known as "Tai Tou Fatt" (Big-belly Buddha), and they have relocated to Kuchai Lama about few months ago.

    This "Auntie Lora" actually originated from Taman Segar, Cheras. Their prawn mee is nowhere as nice as Tai Tou Fatt's. Go to Kuchai and check them out now, they are at the row behind Papparich. 😉

  5. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    oh. Thanks for the tip tankiasu 🙂 will take note!

  6. Dear Blog owner, I suggest you can edit the 'might be misleading' info about Pudu Prawn mee.
    Auntie Lora prawn mee is never famous and originated from Pudu.
    The original one are in Kuchai Lama – called: Madam Chong's Prawn Noodle. They even have prove with all the picture and the uncle and son are in the kitchen. (The lady boss has passed away few years ago). Thank you for sharing.

  7. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Hi Anonymous
    thanks for the informative details.
    and about what you mentioned: 'might be misleading' info about Pudu Prawn mee, I think you made a mistake
    First of all, we did not try to mislead people by stating this is the FAMOUS PUDU prawn mee ( cos we didn't mentioned)
    It's just another breakfast hunting session and so happen we found this place at Pudu and decided to share it. I didn't claim it to be original or so.

    and we would appreciate it if you could just read the post before commenting on our work. Thanks

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