Ramadhan Santapan @ The Living Room, Westin. Let’s Berbuka Puasa!

Another festive mood filled the month again; the Ramadhan.

A month bursting with buka puasa fare; bustling bazaar and stretches of feast offered by many restaurants.
During the one-month fasting period when Muslims fast, non-Muslims joined in the breaking fast affair too. But where to?
Here at Westin, they offer the Ramadhan Santapan, an international ramadhan feast featuring numerous delectable dishes. Believe it or not, there are about 700 dishes/ items.
Before breaking fast, we were served with ‘Zam Zam Water’ to cleanse our palate. The water was claimed to have healing qualities due to its high calcium and magnesium content. It was known that during Haji and Umra, the pilgrims are recommended to drink ‘zam zam water’ for thirst quenching and to cleanse their bodies. Dates and ulams were also served before breaking fast.



Very cosy environment

Picture-loaded post ahead: Below are just a part of the feast 🙂
The appetizers station loaded with colourful kueh-muehs!
From Nasi Ulam to Kerabu Udang Mangga Muda, Rojak Buah Hentian Pagoh and Pecal……
Local Malay cuisine bursting with aroma and flavours of local herbs. Best eaten with fragrant white rice.



Grilled Lamb with tender meat


Satays and Otak-Otak: the people’s favourite.



You’ll find Chinese Cuisine too. Roasted duck and chicken char siew that’ll satisfy your palate.


Over at the EEST (Westin’s signature restaurant) corner, get a taste of the all-time favourite dim sum with choices of Truffle Har Gau, Scallop and Asparagus Dumpling and Parmesan & BBQ Chicken.

The Living Room @ Westin Hotel2

Check out their “Ipoh” Claypot Chicken Fragrant Yee Mee to warm up your tummy before another round of chow-down.


Hot Soup Counter was one of my fave. A ‘steamboat’ concept that allows the patrons to select from an array of meat: salmons, beef, seafood and chicken with vegetables and mushrooms, & most importantly a medley of different flavours of soup for you to choose from.



That’s not all folks. We have the Indian corner blessed with more carbs. Roti canais and murtabak will definitely fill in your appetite.


Over to Western cuisine now, the Pasta Corner. Choose your favourite pasta and the chef will prepare your desired flavours.


The Living Room @ Westin Hotel1


Fresh Salmon Sashimiswith 3 different flavours was a kick!IMG_3141

We also indulged in some Latin American food; the Seafood Paella & Cocktel de mariscos – Seafood Cocktails from Qba Latin Bar & Grill, also Westin’s signature restaurant.
The Living Room @ Westin Hotel
Over to a room nestled at the back: the Forbidden Pleasure at the Living Room, featuring desserts that’ll remind you the story of Hansel and Gretel with their candy chocolate house! Every corner of the room is filled with desserts and candies! From Chocolate Fondue, pretty cakes, apple crumble, putu piring, ABC, Cendol Pulut and many more.IMG_3194

With cabinets of yummy desserts!

The Living Room @ Westin Hotel4

The Living Room @ Westin Hotel6

The Living Room @ Westin Hotel5

The Living Room @ Westin Hotel7

Even Durian D24 will be available!The Living Room @ Westin Hotel3

Not to forget, Westin also has their own Mooncake selection: their mini mooncake collection.
Traditional Baked Mooncake: Assorted fruit and nut, Low sugar white lotus paste with egg yolk
Mochi Snowskin: Ferrari Rocher (in red) – Cherry Lotus Snowskin; Sassy Sweet – Nutella Chocolate Crunch; Black Gold – Black Sesame, Almond and Gold Leaf.
Thanks to Ming for the invitation, we had a lavish and satiating Buka Puasa session at Westin. Have you had your best breaking fast session? 🙂
Ramadhan Santapan (available from now until 5th September)
RM 108++ per person (Monday – Thursday)
RM 128++ per person (Friday – Saturday)
from 7pm – 10.30pm
The Living Room
Westin Hotel KL
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.Starwood Privilege card members are entitiled for a 25% discount for this buffet.
Feel free to make reservation at 03-2773 8338
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  1. we missed out a lot of desserts lor. should have grab the desserts first before the main lolx

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    another Ramadan buffet 🙂

  4. drooling and stomach grumbling after seeing all those photos.. awwww.. they look so nice and delicious~

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  6. love ur photos!=] makes me huuungry~

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