Qba B4 Latin Bar & Grill @ Westin, Kuala Lumpur

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The weekend is hitting in again and we’re so relieved thanks to the busy week we’ve been through……
Pamper and give yourself a break if you ever felt like you’ve just been through too much stress. I’ve always agree to that! An excuse without much guilt 🙂
Thanks to Ming & the Westin group, we and our makan soul-mates were given the chance to check out their new idea of B4 at QBA; the Latin Bar & Grill at the Westin hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


What’s B4? The question popped into our minds quickly.
It’s actually an abbreviation for Beer+BBQ+Banda+Bandido (Beer, BBQ, Band & Buffet).
B4 is a decadent garden party fiesta on a Saturday evening within Qba’s al fresco courtyard. As the first restaurant which offers such relaxing al fresco buffet dining, you’ll get to enjoy live cooking of Latin grill and infused with South American flavours with fresh ingredients.
Expect an exclusive looking bar with cigar lounge upon entering and as we move downstairs leading to the courtyard, there was another beautiful bar waiting for us with live band and what’s more to expect from the extensive area laid with an immense selection of food.
Qba @ Westin5

Qba @ Westin7

We were shown around and lectured by Pearl 🙂
Let the feast at B4 begins!
1. Crustacea seafood stall
Irish oyster and shellfish ice stands – brought to the table
with Qba salsa’s – habanero & tomato relish, jalapeno and lime crema, shadowbenny, avocado dippings
The oysters and mussels were air flown and were really fresh.

Cocktel de mariscos – Seafood Cocktails
A special combination of Scallop tiradito, Salsa verde, Garlic chive cress, Cashew nuts
Another cocktail was with Prawn and Coconut ceviche

Qba @ Westin2

2. Two fires: grilling the latin american way……
cooking with wood fire and cast iron – delicious and seductive always spectacularly rare and fantastically well done the chapa or la plancha
An aromatic serving of:
  • Seared salmon fillet with corn cakes
  • Rosemary skewered prawns and red peppers
  • Griddled goats cheese with spiced olives
  • Calamari and burnt tomato
The ingredients were all well marinated and infused well with herbs and the right essence.



3. the Taquero – tacos
Taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling. There were many choices of fillings:
  • Grilled fish, citrus flavours, mango salsa
  • Grilled lamb carne asada, red onion escabeche, habanero salsa
  • Chorizo sausage, scrambled egg, grilled spring onion
  • Chicken al pastor(vertical spit gyro), roasted poblano rajas, sweetcorn
  • Red mole usda beef short ribs
a closer look at the vertical spit Chicken al pastor


the Taco

4. the Parrilla – the asadero open grill
As we mentioned earlier, nothing beats the well marination. The grilled meat was juicy and tender for real. Period.
What’s Grilling?
  • Angus sirloin steak
  • Chipotle marinated chicken
  • Lamb cutlets
  • Glazed beef short ribs
  • Sea bass in banana leaves with achiote and orange
  • Gold band snapper kabob a la diablo
  • Chorizo sausage kabob
  • Spit rotisserie whole lamb

Qba @ Westin
Brazilian criolla, tequila habanero bbq, red chimmichurri, pico de gallo & jus herb butter, smoked chilli butter, herb and spice curry butter
Cowboy baked cannellini beans, escallavida vegetables, columbian style baby potatoes, tomato and olive salad


5. Arepas – south american filled corn cakes
The south american version of a Dorayaki, I named, this cute palm sized corn cakes were stuffed with either:
  • Beef and green olive hash
  • Black bean and cheese
  • Grilled eggplant, dried tomato and feta cheese
  • Perico, turkey ham and cheddar cheese



6. Arroz – rice
Saffron infused valencia rice with chicken, prawns, live black mussels and little neck clams and chorizo. Chris and I miss this dish dearly.



Picadillo con heurvos – Cuban nasi campur
What the natives in Cuba like with their steamed rice? Here they are:
Beef hash ragout, steamed rice, braised canary beans, avocado pineapple and cacao salad, hot salsa, crisp plantains, takari & caribbean lamb curry.


7. Giant torta – south of the border sandwich
Feel like grabbing a bite on this giant sandwich? Nah. Just ask the staff to slice it up for you 🙂
A sharing stuffed with achiote spiced chicken, pickled jalapeno, mango salsa guacamole, roma tomatoes, monterey jack cheddar.
8. Dulces – sweets (brought to the table)

Coffee chocolate mousse and cinnamon churros


Tropical fruit paletas popsicles

Coconut macaroons
Qba @ Westin3

These sweethearts were melted us up. Clearing up the dessert while enjoying the live band.
9. Beverage
FYI, drinks listed below are included in this buffet

Qba @ Westin1


Frozen qba libre
We had Tequila too 🙂
Carlsberg draught (carlsberg beer glass)
Chang beer (bottle)
Corona beer (bottle)
Tuborg beer (bottle)
Soft drink
After that, we warmed ourselves up with drinks while indulging ourselves in the World Cup fever in the bar, entertained by the Colombian band: Piel Latina.
Qba @ Westin4

and Chris was later asked for a dance! Salsa Lesson 🙂
Qba @ Westin6
B4 is something fresh to us. We love this concept of al fresco live cooking: just order at the station of your choice and the friendly staffs will be ready to serve you. (some items were already cooked such as paella, the Cuban rice and salads)
Time: 6pm till 10pm
RM148 per person
RM99 per person for Starwood Privilege Member
RM74 per child (9 to 18 years old)
complimentary for children age 8 years and below
Government tax and service charge additional
Lower Ground 2 & Lower Ground
The Westin
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur 55100
Tel: +603 2773 8338
Email: westindining@westin.com
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12 Replies to “Qba B4 Latin Bar & Grill @ Westin, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. fastnya 🙂

    honestly, the food here is superb!!! and free flow of all sort of alcohol give the additional ohhm, haha

    okay, i now miss the corn cake with salmon on top, and of cz the Griddled goats cheese!!! holaalalalalalalalalaaaaa

    okay lar, chris can dance. lol

  2. Lot's of food. Sigh, too bad it's kind of heavy for my wallet T_T Hope tonight will kena 4D. lol

  3. u got a lot of pictures..it took me some time to finish reading the post there.. haha:)
    I can see both the environment and food are great! nice outing 🙂

  4. uLi.佑莉 says: Reply

    Wooo…..not bad ya the food. But the price is quite 5 stars also leh >.<

  5. Wow, so fast post d! Productive! Love the food, especially their griddled cheese and the taco! Craving for more. And of course, love your company, gonna miss you all a lot! =(

    Haha, and Chris even had a dance lesson. Haha, so funny just thinking of it. =D

  6. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    wow u guys ate from sunlight to dark!

  7. So much food! I want Paella!

  8. You mentioned you had tequila… would you know whether whiskey is on the list also? That's my preferred drink 🙂

  9. love the ambiance of it lei, got food, free flow of alcohol and a chance to learn dancing make up a great night eh..

    *jealous… :p

  10. Oh cool. You all ate there too! 🙂
    (I have linked your review…)

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    so true. food was great. ambiance superb and company was terrific too! hehe
    he dance so cute! lol

    haha.. did you? 🙂
    kena 4D remember to treat us!

    lol. a long post i admit. just can't resist not taking pictures ;P

    yea.. plus, it's Westin. Expect good quality and good pricing too. haha ;P

    Sugar Bean~
    we gonna miss you! come back soon! we'll have another gathering again! miss our times together 🙂

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    yea.. from day till night..and partied hard. lol

    the paella was great 🙂 we miss having it too!

    hmm… u're into hard liquor eh? haha
    I don't think so. Not very sure about that cos we didn't order.
    Tequila and beer was comfortable enough that time.. ;P

    haha… we had a great time. Go check it out! bet u'll have a great night too

    you guys went too? cool! and thx for linking 🙂

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