MOS Burger @ Singapore


McD was always the first option we could ever thought of when we were rushing off and needed to grab a bite of burger. Fast but bored.
How we wish we could have MOS. Here in Malaysia.
So that i don’t need to dial McD’s hotline during lunch break for delivery.
So that we could settle down our cravings for some real RICE BURGERS!
MOS Burger1

モスバーガー, Mosu bāgā
MOS which stands for “Mountain Ocean Sun”, is now the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan. Originated from Japan, expect for some delicious Japanese fillings that will be wrapped cutely, and stuff you up. Kawaii!

Lucky Singaporeans 🙂
Clam Chowder


Unagi Rice Burger


Yakiniku (Beef) Rice Burger


Ebi Rice Rurger


Scallops Rice Burger
Desserts time!


Green Tea Souffle


Ichigo Bliss (Frozen Strawberry)

MOS Burger

Check out their MENU.
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12 Comment

  1. "Joe" who is constantly craving says: Reply

    i love my MOS burgers just as much, whether its down in singapore or in taipei. a pity no one believes in this concept though in msia

  2. ai wei says: Reply

    they are really lucky to have all these! huh ><
    cant go sg with zhi d, sobz

  3. ah hun says: Reply

    we had MOS burger in klcc once upon a time…but it's gone… T_T
    their rice burger are so yameeee and juicy!!!! i love their hot chocolate too. now taipei has 24 hour MOS burger timmmmmm!!!!

  4. WyYv says: Reply

    i'm sure they have a variety of burgers in their menu to choose from.. summore, not onli their burgers are special but their french fries also very big and thick 🙂 yummy!

  5. mimid3vils says: Reply

    until now I still don't know why they leave Malaysia 🙁 *sad*sad* When will they come back?????

  6. J2Kfm says: Reply

    Brought back memories. This was a place we did not miss even once through out the trips we had to S'pore.

    Now if only there's one here.

  7. SimpleGirl says: Reply

    i have not tried this burger b4, must check it out if i am there….btw, love ur dress!!!

  8. chiyuan says: Reply

    MOS is my favourite hangout place during sec sch days 🙂 there used to be MOS in KL. too bad its closed like 10 yrs back then. nvm next time i'll bring MOS back to KL! Lols.

  9. uLi.佑莉 says: Reply

    let me try it in this coming Oct'10 when I be in S'pore ^^

  10. bapester says: Reply

    Had their Teriyaki Burger the last time I was down in Singapore..
    Missing it to bits now. Someone should bring this, and White Castle back to Malaysia, just like how they brought back Carl's Jr and Wendy's.

  11. jason says: Reply

    That gives you more reason to visit SG now 😉

  12. Simon Seow says: Reply

    If have the funding then I'll buy the Master Franchise license and open MOS burger in Malaysia lol.

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