Green Field, Ubud, Bali

Note: We made a reservation about 4-5 months in advance and the rooms were quite full already! Do make early bookings to avoid disappointment.

This was what we mentioned earlier for our 2nd night stay at Tegal Sari. Refer out post HERE.




For the 3rd night, we stayed just next door!
Green Field was the choice. Similar to Tegal Sari, the rooms were quite occupied too.
Green Field stresses on art as the owner is a well-known artist in Bali, matching his gallery and infusing his art to the villa to introduce the Ubud style of Balinese paintings.



the salt water swimming pool

Day 4 (25.04

Day 4 (25.042


Welcome drink
Here’s our choice of rooms:
Bale Sukat Bali (IDR 500,000/ RM 177.95 per Room/Night)
Inclusive of breakfast
Typical balinese-style building with colourful door carvings that painted red with a beautiful view to the rice-fields and Monkey Forest. A terrace next to their salt-water swimming-pool. With twin-bed, hot-shower, bathtub, air-cond, telephone & minibar.

Day 3 (24.049

Bale Pingit (IDR 650,000/ RM231.33 per Room/Night)
Inclusive of breakfast
Beautiful view to rice-field and Monkey Forest, terrace, double bed, hot-shower, bathtub, air-cond, ceiling fan, telephone, minibar & daybed.

Bali 6

Our hearty Breakfast by the pool the next day:






Enjoying ourselves before moving on with the Day 4 plans 🙂


Day 4 (25.041



*A comparison between Tegal Sari & Green Field
Price: Tegal Sari offered a better rate, but doesn’t include breakfast
Environment: Both shared the same field and view somehow. So no complains on that. But Tegal Sari has a better reception area.
Rooms: We preferred the rooms of Tegal Sari to Green Field as it feels more comfortable and looks newer.
Breakfast: Side order of breakfast for Tegal Sari is available at a very affordable price and you could opt to eat in your terrace. GreenField’s deal include breakfast and we chose to have it by the pool overlooking the field.
Last post on Bali Day 4 coming soon!
Feel free to refer to ♥ Our Travelogue ♥ for easier reference on Bali!
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  1. mana i??? should paste my head inside the pic ><

    this is quite a nice and quiet place. i wish to come here!!! ><

    miss hanging out with u gals so muchie

  2. nice Balinese resort…..I must plan to stay at this type of resort if I visit Bali again…

  3. Bangsar-bAbE says: Reply

    Lovely pics! It's about time I planned my holiday with rif. 😉

  4. Ubud is really nice with the paddy fields! Your room was nice too! 🙂 You looked cute in the pictures girl! 😉

  5. Very nice pictures… Next time, I must stay in Ubud 🙂

  6. Fren also said Tegal Sari is better lo….

  7. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    after a while, even new place will look old due to the tear and wear 🙂
    my wife just asked me, remember our first oversea trip together? Obviously she misses Bali!

  8. i really wish i could have a trip like tat too 🙂

  9. hotels seminyak says: Reply

    Bali is the best place to have your vacation and bonding with your friends and relatives especially if you visit the place and feel the bali accommodation there.

  10. your photos is great and awesome…
    Can share with me… what camera u use ? hehe


  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    we're using Canon EOS450D 😉

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