Umai-ya @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong Jaya

Oh yes, we have heard lots about Umai-ya, especially their great buffet deals and all. But sometimes, thinking of traveling over to Uptown or Damansara for it made us lazy and we’ll end up at Zanmai or something for some moderately priced Japanese spread. Xenri made me smile & we still adore Kampachi to the max but it could hurt Chris’s wallet sometimes.

Umai-ya finally opened its doors at Puchong, specifically nestled at IOI Boulevard. So much nearer, and with the great voucher deal we have at hand, we gave no excuse this time.
Like any other Japanese restaurant, Umai-ya was layed down with wooden floors, some tatami seats and also a few VIP private rooms. We were seated at the private room and I’m pretty glad we do, as the place was loaded with patrons during our visit for dinner, bustling staffs and customers tittle-tattling noisily.
 What great deal we enjoyed?
Eat up to RM400 (on food only) and get RM200 off! That’s a steal, seriously.
Beverages and taxes not included.
And we were stuffed with:
Twin Tower Maki ( 6 pcs) – RM14

Kani Unatama Maki (4 pcs) – RM14
Dragon Maki (6 pcs) – RM24
California Hand Roll – RM6
California Cheese Maki (6 pcs) – RM24
Salmon Skin Maki (6pcs) – RM12
Salmon Sashimi (10 pcs) – RM44
Unagi Kiri Mochi Okonomiyaki – RM22
Sizzling Chicken – RM18
Agedashi Tofu – RM10
Soft Shell Crab Age – RM14
Tempura Mori – RM26
Yaki Gyoza – RM12
Nabe Yaki Udon – RM25
Unajyu – RM28
Oyako Don – RM20
Some assorted sushis
Ocha Ice Cream with Azuki bean was disappointing. Lacked the green tea flavour.
Looking for some reasonably priced Japanese cuisine?
You might like Umai-ya 🙂
Though the food variety we ordered was not that fancy, tastewise, it was still great. Well if you don’t compare it with other Japanese fine dining……. 🙂
Umai-ya IoI Puchong Jaya Boulevard
A-GF-40, Block A
IoI Boulevard , Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya , 47170
Puchong . Selangor.
For RSVP pls contact
Tel: 03 8075 1113
Fax: 03 8075 6663
IoI Boulevard has yet to develop and we believe it could be the next Jaya One perhaps? 🙂
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14 Replies to “Umai-ya @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong Jaya”

  1. thats quite a lot of foods…haha…the other time we went there also the same…stuff our stomach with all kind of foods in order to reach the amount of RM400…haha….

  2. Oh I have always passed by and thought I'd try it one day. Where did you get the voucher? Any more to spare? 😉 Hehe

  3. oh. yummy but $400 thats alot!!

  4. WOWWWWW…how many of you were there? That's a lot a lot of food! To stuff RM400 to get 200 off, wow, that's really too much to take in at a time =P

  5. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    only went to Umai-ya Uptown once and that's it!
    Since u have been to IOI Boulevard.. u might want to try the XO steamboat there.. a friend of mine is one of the boss there… but don't ask for discount la.. since I didn't get last time too.. hahaha

  6. like those salmon sashimi.

  7. Just went for their buffet last 2 weeks, full~~~

  8. kakaka, i think i should print this out and order the same food as urs. kekeke, then dun have to think and count much. 😛 did you guys doubled up the plates???

    gotta share my next round with you 😛

  9. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    wow! RM400? Hmm..bring on 5 plates of sashimi pls!!

  10. wow! the food looks good~

    and with RM400..i just don know how to spend it..

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    haha.. we ordered so much!
    and we enjoyed the food very much 🙂

    sorry gal. We got the voucher from their opening promo. Don't think they have anymore now ;P

    RM400 can really order a lot! haha. we were so full ;P

    there were about 7 of us. hehe. So we can take 'em all. ^^

    XO steamboat? oo.. we are interested. was thinking about checking out the German restaurant at the boulevard first 🙂

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    the sashimis were fresh. We had the butter fish during our second visit and it was memorable too 🙂

    great gal! 🙂

    there's multiple orders dear! RM400 can eat a lot! hehe. Let's go again 🙂

    I thought of that too gal! But this couldn't feed the 7 of us. haha
    I can finish 5 plates myself. lol

    best thing to do: go in a group. Sure can finish! hehe

  13. leng…when u all go again? jom..lets go together…find one saturday noon…ok boh? long time tak makan with u all…later on i am real busy…make it asap 😀

  14. Oh yummy Jap food 🙂

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