Fresh Unique Seafood 23 @ PJ

It was during the end of CNY when we decided to go for another feast at a seafood restaurant, well known for their fresh seafood; displayed at their aquarium staircases. Another issue that will rise for certainly would be the wallet exhausting agenda. Dining here would be pricey.


It’s such a bad idea taking a set dinner and we would advise you not to, seriously.
Here’s our RM888++ prosperity set:


Salmon Fish Yee Sang with Pear

Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat (lotsa shark’s fin!)



Steamed Sea Grouper Cantonese Style

Boiled Village Chicken with Hong Kong Kailan


Panfried Prawns with Spicy Sauce
the prawns were small 🙁


Braised Dried Scallop & Mushroom with Fat Choi (black moss) & Dried Oyster


Steamed Waxed Meat Rice in Lotus Leaf

Chilled Honey Dew with Sago
(oops! we forgot about this)



Two Varieties of Chinese Pastry
Orange – Lotus Paste Pastry
Yellow – Chilled Corn Mochi

We added another deep fried Grouper in Sweet and Sour Sauce & this ‘little’ fish cost us more than a hundred bucks! *phew*
Verdict: In all, the food was great but not to that extent of being impressive. Very typical set dinner with an ‘ouch’ price. The total damage was about RM1.2K (about 1200 gosh!)

Fresh Unique Seafood 23
Lot 9B-3, Jalan Kemajuan,
Section 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya
p/s: sorry for being brief. Being quite busy lately. Promise to review on more interesting restaurants soon 🙂
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12 Replies to “Fresh Unique Seafood 23 @ PJ”

  1. aikks, really not 'dai' when i see the dishes and the price @@. big damage

  2. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    LOL!! yeah… typical dishes that are served during wedding dinner. That's why I never go for the set.. a la carte is always the best option. Since you are in PJ, might as well hop to Lala Chong or Pantai Seafood in Kg. Kayu Sg Ara! Won't break your wallet 🙂

  3. walao, too pricey for those "ordinary" dishes~~

  4. Sets are not advisable, especially during CNY – usually a rip-off, haha! In Unique Seafood, always go for the live seafood, cooked in any way u prefer.

  5. Wow that's really a big rip off! I guess it's also because of CNY.. Oh well, as long as you enjoyed the meal and company! 🙂

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    we wont' be back lor 🙁

    wanna go lala chong so badly. still looking for free time 🙂 This seafood outlet is also under the same same management as pantai seafood. Pantai seafood not this overrate I suppose… Will go check out Lala Chong soon 🙂

    so true. huhu. no worth it at all.

    Pure Glutton~
    yea. Parents prefer set deals however. Next time should advise them to go for ala carte instead. haha

    tastewise not bad really. but not worth for the price. ;P

  7. we had our office CNY dinner there too…
    what i like best is the fresh prawns 'pak cheok' 😀

  8. Cheras one close shop de. !!

  9. OUCHHHH, that's really too much for the standard and ordinary dishes like these….so disappointing eh? =(

  10. Most set is really not that good oh. Haven't have money to eat Geoduck, anyone want to go try? :p

  11. Barramundi wholesalers says: Reply

    Seafood is good for you because it is low in fat and high in protein. Most fish contain oils that are called omega-3. These oils can help prevent some diseases and treat certain types of illness. The eel is one type of seafood that contains a high fat content, but only a very few types of seafood contain fat.

  12. […] boast how fresh they were and the damage it did to us in the end. Like what we had experienced in Fresh Unique Seafood 23. When we had better ones in Klang, Lala Chong, Hau Kee Cheras or even Fook Hin @ Seri Kembangan, we […]

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