Pasto Italian Cafe & Restaurant @ Balakong

It’s been a week since I neglected our blog over the happening CNY this year. So much to catch up since we missed this festive season spending time at home last year building a giant snowman during Cap Goh Meh instead of spending time feasting on CNY meaty spread & exercising with mahjong when weather is tremendously hot.

Back in action feels so right. How was yours??
Bits & pieces of the beginning year when the TIGER came roaring:
#1 We welcomed the Tiger


#2 Traditional Hakka Vegetation ala Grandma’s recipe


#3 We welcomed the lion too. Lion dance by cousin’s bro troupe to usher more good luck into our home.



#4 Just when I thought our V-Day would be put aside to usher the Tiger year, Chris brought me out for dinner after sessions of family gatherings and Chinese feast. To dwindle away those mounting fatt choy, pork feet and sea cucumbers, we went for Italian. On the very first day on CNY. *glee*


Pasto was a good choice
Green is universal. Deco was simple yet comfortable. Enjoying each other’s company while chilling in a semi-aristocratic environment Italian restaurant is a temporary great escape from hot gambling sessions.
Shrimp and Orange Salad – RM10.50
Since they were out of mangoes, we had them replaced with oranges instead. To our surprise, it was equally good. A refreshing start of vege serving and oranges were thirst-quenching.


Mushroom Soup – RM6.80
Capped with bread pastry, hidden underneath was the mushroom soup. Thick and creamy. That’s what we love.




Escagort – RM18.90
I was nagging Chris to order this after spotting them at their mini aquarium. Strong aroma and flavours of cheese and garlic, it was very delectable. Extra credits given to the fresh escagorts. Dip in your garlic bread for extra strong-smelling pungent-tasting flavours. Yum.


Spaghetti Marinara
With fresh herbs and garlic sauce, the seafoods (prawns and mussels) were also fresh. Tastewise, it was light and moderately good but the seafoods infused well into the noodles.


#5 Gifts from Pasto on V-Day


Complimentary ice cream we both shared 🙂


Roses & Heart


#6 Tiger vs Cupid. Who won?
Both. As we get to enjoy priceless family moments, without missing the traditional V-Day dinner. And the best part is, we’re not over-charged for the dinner! As dining in at Pasto was very affordable.


Pasto Italian Cafe & Restaurant
11G Jalan Kasturi 1,
Plaza Kasturi,
Off Jalan Balakong,
43200 Cheras, Balakong
Tel: +603 90803004
(located next to Milwaukee Steak Corner)
We don’t want CNY to end this fast!
Gong Xi Fa Cai again 🙂
Brought up 2 SharE “Hoi Gong Dai Kat” la… (Back to work!)
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13 Replies to “Pasto Italian Cafe & Restaurant @ Balakong”

  1. aiyeerrrr, so sweet to have a Vday meal on CNY 1st day! sweet-nya. alright, pasto, i will give a try. 🙂

  2. Coincidently there was a performance of lion dance with Choy San distributing mandarin orange and sweets in a shopping mall during our visit there.
    So sweet of your V-day posing! Haha…

  3. Aww dear, so nice to have Chinese New Year celebration PLUS Valentine's day dinner too! I'm sure it would have been great no matter where you celebrated it. 🙂

  4. So sweet la both of you! Good that you got to celebrate both CNY and Valentine's Day. ;D

  5. Defitely a greta place to be during Valentine's day!

  6. Defitely a greta place to be during Valentine's day!

  7. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
    Awww!! So sweet-nya! Can enjoy romantic with Chris yet saved on the pricey food outside

  8. Lyrical Lemongrass says: Reply

    Awww, what a great double celebration. You guys are definitely the model couple la. 🙂 Happy CNY!

  9. Oh great. Escargots as well?! It's so hard to find good ones in Ipoh.

  10. I totally forgot abt V-day, I should ask for a V-day dinner from my hubby then… but table for 3 pls… 😛

  11. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    pls ask me along too dear 😉
    i want more escagorts. hehe

    Little Inbox~
    i enjoyed watching lion dance in the mall too. haha, But too bad this year I haven't witness any in the malls.

    yea.. u and saucer too rite? hehe

    Thanks gal. I didn't thought that we would be celebrating V-Day this year actually. Was so happy 🙂

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    🙂 Simple yet romantic. haha

    Happy CNY to you and your family too!
    The food here was affordable. We don't usually have dinner on the day itself for the past few years. Didn't thought that our dinner would be this great; price-wise and & taste-wise. 🙂

    Lyrical Lemongrass~
    Thanks sweetie!! 🙂

    but Ipoh got lotsa good CCF, dims sums and tau foo fah! Let's exchange 🙂 lol

    with your baby Sam? so sweet the 3 of you. Happy family 🙂

  13. been there before long time ago! those pics are nice wei…

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