Mr. Curry (Japanese Curry & Sweet House) @ The Central, Singapore

I feel like heading down South again.

Time spent there the last time we went were just not enough.
Thanks to Citygal’s sweet cousin, we got introduced to this Japanese Curry House located at the Central.
Mr. Curry was its name.
The name tells it all. Curry was the ,ain agenda for dinner that night.
I found a story for Mr.Curry (a sister outlet together with Pasta de Waraku, under Waraku corporate)
Mr. Curry was a chef from Curry Land.

Together with Mango-nyan, they traveled the world in search of curry dishes. They finally stumbled upon the finest curry in Japan. With the passion of sharing, they wanted the whole world to experience the wonder “Japanese Curry”. And so, they decided to bring you “Mr Curry”. They hope that all will enjoy the experience and that those lovely curry flavours will bring satisfaction and cheerful smiles to their guests.

Please enjoy the wonderful journey of “Mr Curry”.
Choose your desired flavour! We had Original 🙂


Pork Omelette Curry Rice – RM12.80



Katsuma Curry Don (Pork Cutlet & Egg with rice) – $12.80


Prawn & Cheese Curry Udon – $10.80



Soft Shell Crab Combo – $9.80

Mr Curry

Exterior wise, very attracting; as the walls were brimmed and hung up with colourful food replicas of the dishes they have. This reminded me of our last meal at Pasta de Gohan at Sunway which I think is still under this group of company. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by Mr.Curry and Mango-Nyan (the huge Orange Cat) soft toys. And they’re on sale! Chris warned me not to even think about it. He knows I’m all in for cute soft toys ;P


Mr Curry1

Verdict: Japanese Curry rocks. It’s not the awesome-est Japanese curry Chris and I had but we enjoyed our meal here. The different portion of curry dishes we ordered were of different taste. Worth trying 🙂


6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-84 The Central
Singapore 059817
Tel: 6221-8860
Fax: 6221-8861
After some fulfilling dinner, it’s time to stroll about to get the metabolism going. We literally walked all the way to Swiss Hotel! and I assure you it’s safe. Citygal’s cousin ushered us the way, showing us around Clarke Quay & Boat Quay.
Gorgeous looking lightings and skyscrapers standing tall illuminating the beauty of Singapore just caught our attention.



Clarke Quay



Boat Quay



Fullerton Hotel

Swissôtel The Stamford
South-East Asia’s tallest and the dramatic view from the 70th floor bar has become one of Singapore’s must-sees, as well as a popular proposal venue!
Riding up all the way to the 70th floor for a drink & chill-out session! That’s what we did 🙂
We were seated at a beautiful bar, listening to ballads and relaxing under dim lights. It’s great to be so high up.


Mr Curry2

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12 Replies to “Mr. Curry (Japanese Curry & Sweet House) @ The Central, Singapore”

  1. love the night shots! i would like to try the pork cutlet don!! looks yummy!

  2. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    but the portion is so small. haha
    yay we r heading south again! but not spore this time

  3. yorrr, so fun one… never da bao back. huuhuuuu… i wanna tag along to south… >< but schedule not permitted. how???

  4. Love the night shots!

  5. I want to go down South too. I want Brewerks.

  6. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    thanks 🙂
    pork cutlet was great but too bad the portion was kinda small… ^^

    yalor.. but still enough for us 🙂
    I can't wait for our holiday dear!

    da pao not good dy. Tempted to go with us? Let's go then!! 🙂

    thank you XD

    Beers at Brewerks would definitely taste better than the ones at Craft Brew rite? haha 😉
    Got the answers for the balls already?? hahah

  7. Somewhere in Singapore says: Reply

    Those night shots u took are very nice…

  8. Nice! I'm loving the ambience of the 70th floor bar. You go to Singapore often?

  9. yerr…nice shot~ * jealous loh~

  10. they sell canned curry?

  11. The night shots of Clark Quay are really nice! I love that place.. romantic! 🙂

  12. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Somewhere in Singapore~
    hi 🙂
    and thanks for the compliment!

    Huai Bin~
    not really.. like once in a year maybe ;P Wish I could go often. No time to go. Sigh.

    y jealous… your pics all also very nice ma.. haha 🙂

    those are just for display.haha. I thought the same as you too ;P

    yea. we love strolling along clarke quay at night too. Just wouldn't get bored of taking pictures 🙂

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