Hanoi Day 3: One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh’s tomb, Temple of Literature & endless Food Trail

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Continued from our previous visit to HaLong Bay…
We woke up the next morning feeling all energized up and ready for more sight-seeings on the 3rd day.
Some stop-overs in between our favourite food slots?
We’re very typical tourists who can’t miss out some of the famous & most visited spots!
We’re very into the myths and ancient history of Vietnam which added colour and curiosity to the oldest capital city in south east Asia & in present, Hanoi had turned lively, composing stories with full of character and ever-changing expression.
Here’s more of Hanoi!
#1 Enjoy your breakfast at Sofitel
(please refer to our 1st post on details of the hotel)
A good morning filled to the max with a widespread f yummy breakfast. From western to authentic Asian selections. I had pho everyday! 🙂

Day 36

Day 35

Day 34

#2 One Pillar Pagoda
FYI, the place devoted to worship of gods are not called temple in Vietnam. They are known as Pagoda. Temples are expressed for the worshiping of famous generals and people of the past.
One Pillar Pagoda was first built in 1049. According to legend, one night in a dream, the old and childless King Ly Thai Tong saw the goddess of Mercy perched on a lotus flower, offering him a son. Soon after the queen got pregnant and fulfilled the premonition. The king thanked the goddess by building the pagoda in a lotus pond and naming it Dien Huu, which means ‘good luck’. The luck ran out in 1954 when the French burned the building to the ground. Its replacement was built the following year, and the pillar reconstructed in concrete. (adapted from Hanoi’s Top Ten article)


Day 37

#3 Temple of Literature
This is the place where scholars and students visited & gathered to get blessings before their exams, worshiping Confucius. It became the country’s first university in 1076 to educate the sons of mandarins. A stelae naming the birth places and achievements of those receiving their doctorate here is one of the temple’s highlights.



Day 38


Day 33


Remember to check the 82 stone diplomas on tortoises bearing the names and birthplaces of 1,306 students who exceled through the university’s tough examinations. Pat their heads and you’ll excel in your exams too!



We spotted a few couples taking their wedding portraits at the Temple of Literature. Must be a hot spots for wedding photoshoot 🙂

#4 Buffet Lunch at Sen International Buffet
Sen Buffet Restaurant is nestled by a lotus pond near West Lake, Sen which meant Lotus is the ideal territory for both nature and food lovers.
Hidden inside this two terracotta-roofed villas, their interior was adorned with wooden furniture, Vietnamese paintings and vases of lotus evoking the feeling of an ancient house of the Orient.

We love their concept: The buffet area was designed as a northern rural village market with stalls of different traditional Vietnamese fares providing patrons a beautiful setting to enjoy a meal. Food stalls were made from rattan or bamboo frames baskets, round bamboo trays, and low bamboo tables. You’ll have a wide variety of favourites to choose from with about 60 types of traditional foods from three regions.
Day 39

Day 310

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Day 311

Day 313


Price for Lunch: VND90,000 – not including drinks, Dinner: VND110,000
Add: No 10, Lane 431, Au Co Road, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
Tel: (04) 7199242, 9135225, 7199857
Hours: 11am – 2 pm (lunch) and 6pm – 10pm (dinner)
#5 Ho Chi Minh’s Tomb




#6 Dinner ala the Chinese way
Thousands of apologies as I’ve forgotten exactly where was this restaurant. Oops.
The food here was however only mediocre and would not get you off the chair with applauds ;P
Day 32
#7 We heart their Oriental set up

#8 Complications
Survey everywhere and these will still be as complicated in Vietnam.
Knotty wires!

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  1. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    Free & Easy or Tour???
    I still have Cambodia (Angkor Wat) & Vietnam under my radar 🙂

  2. Nice! Looks like you both had a good time. I wonder when I can go for my holiday next… =D

  3. dear, got miss viet food or not???
    we gonna have it soon. teheee 🙂

  4. everytime see you guys write about posting..feels like didnt go will regret like dat~

  5. he tiny fried bird looks so scary ler… it's a chicken or pigeon?

  6. What a nice trip! Lots and lots of pho eh! Hehe

  7. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    both 🙂
    we went on our own, but decided to take day tours from there. Can cover more places easily. You went Krabi and that's such a beautiful place! haha.. which will you choose to go first? Vietnam or Cambodia? ^^

    we had a great time. and luv their healthy food there ;P more exotic stuffs coming up. But definitely not the balut thingy tho ;P
    Planning a holiday? wow.. update us yea!!

    hehe… somehow different tho 😛

    haha ;P
    thanks! I'd love to take that as a compliment 🙂 and thanks for dropping by our food den! 🙂

    it's a pigeon 🙂
    looks scary rite, I was forced by Chris to eat it! expectingly crispy and good 🙂

    we had so much! haha.. every pho we had was different. Love the pho best in our 2nd Hanoi post 🙂

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