Nasi Tumpang at The Warung @ Mid Valley


“Do you know what is Nasi Tumpang?” asked Chris smartly one day, pretty sure I wouldn’t know the answer.
“I only know Nasi Kandar & Nasi Lemak” I murmured defeatedly.
He then ushered me towards his Nasi Tumpang ‘research’.
I wow-ed ;P
It was from Masak-Masak and SimpleGirl, we got exposed to this Kelantanese delicacy.

Nasi Tumpang is one of Kelantan’s local specialties in which the rice is packed in a cone-shaped banana leaf. Traditionally meant for travelers, it is packed tightly consisting an omelette, beef floss, chicken rendang and sweet sambal gravy & cucumbers.



11 layers of goodness for RM9.80; consisting Serunding daging, Ayam Rendang, Sambal Special, Telur & Timun.
I heard their Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM6.90) was something to die for too. This gave another right reason for us to place an order. True somehow, the fried chicken was fragrant and flavoured with spices. And we like the sambal too as we prefer having the sweeter version of sambal gravy. It matches our preference. And as for its coconut based rice, it lacks the fragrance. Nothing to shout about.
Verdict: Not something to die for. Too serious. tapi boleh order-lah.. 🙂


Flooding MILO??

It’s their Milo Warung Special (RM4). Overflowing with milo powder over its brim, this drink actually tasted more than just Milo itself; an-air bandung-like-taste-plus-milo. Overly sweetened, and tasted weird, this wasn’t really special.
Warung incorporates an open-spaced dining concept, bringing back an old school sentiment with their zinc-aluminum topped tables and wooden stools.



The Warung

Lot F028C, 1st Floor
North Court
MidValley Megamall City
(Next to the walkway to Northpoint and the KTM Komuter extrance)

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24 Replies to “Nasi Tumpang at The Warung @ Mid Valley”

  1. wow.. rice looks yummy.

    milo moutain high 🙂

    not try before 🙂

    new follower now 😀

  2. wahhhh i think i want the nasi tumpang now!!! looks sooooo cuteee

  3. eh, i din know bout nasi tumpang le. this is quite special wor… where is this ar? how come i din know bout this… @@ hmmm…?!

  4. Wilson & Rachel says: Reply

    interesting nasi tumpang. never heard of it before. looks tempting!

  5. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    wow nasi tumpang, bukan nasi kangkang :p. i want! havent bring u girls to village park nasi lemak @ uptown le. nice!

  6. yup, for those who has not tried nasi tumpang worth trying ya! but nasi lemak there so so only


  8. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    LOL!! guy likes to surprise his gf 🙂 if you tell him "Wah!! U r so knowledgeable wo.. how do u know about this geh"… you will see his hidung kembang further! ahahhaa

  9. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    I like the presentation! awesomely cute!

  10. Love Nasi Tumpang…first encountered them when I went on a food trip in Kota Bahru couple of years back! Bought from the market…of course cheaper but not so canggih looking! 11 layers…fuiyoh!

  11. Shell (貝殼) says: Reply

    The nasi tumpang looks so so special ~~

  12. What a pity abt the milo.. that was what caught my attention!

  13. I really like the Nasi with all the lapisan! 🙂 Will definitely try it out 🙂

  14. Hey layered rice, very novel concept! I don't know what nasi tumpang is either until I read your blog. T_T

  15. Okay, I have a question…it's meant for travellers right? How are you supposed to eat it? From the top down or the bottom up? Coz top down (tapering cone) would produce a mouth of just rice without anything else. Bottom up would make more sense but you end up with a mouthful of plain rice. >.<

  16. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    check this out when u r in MV 🙂 thanks for dropping by!

    interesting outlook rite 😉 like a cone-shaped nasi lemak. hehe ^^

    located near the walkway to north point dear 🙂 can try next time ^^ i wan again.. but we share k.

    Wilson & Rachel~
    i didn't heard of it too until Chris told me 🙂 looks special ;P

    haha… maybe they have, if you suggest ;P lol
    yea… you haven't bring us. Tell Chris about it since his working place is near 😉

    Thanks for recommending gal! 😉 It was special ^^ and yea… the nasi lemak so-so, but i still like the sambal. hehe.

    want some nasi tumpang?? ^^

    Now I know how you were like when Jenn praises you! lol.
    I didn't said that cos I knew he would be so proud of himself. haha^^

    the presentation nice rite? we were captivated by it too ^^

    you've had the original one! 😉 bet it would be nicer. But not so many layers? ^^

    Shell (貝殼)~
    yea. it was quite good too. All goodness in a packet 🙂 ^^ can check it, esp for first timers like us 🙂

    it caught my attention too when I first saw its picture on their menu. I persuaded Chris to order this ;P oops. wrong choice.

    let me know what you think when u do k! ^^

  17. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Huai Bin~
    haha.. good question.
    first of all. we are not really 'travelers' since we'll be eating in MV. So it will be in a bigger pack and, more rice. Secondly, i think traditionally, it was in a smaller pack; one bite of rice and the next bite would be the ingredients ;P Don't think it would be a mouthful.. This is only what i thought. Go Kelantan and see.. ^^ haha.

  18. Oh, I didn't know Mid Valley also got Nasi Tumpang. I first got to know about it when Ho Chiak visited Kelantan Delight in Sentral.

  19. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    yup..hard to find in KL. I think this is the only plc so far.

  20. That Nasi Tumpang looks absolutely delicious and so pretty too! I've always been too scared to try pork floss – does it taste like pork with the texture of fairy floss?

  21. interesting…..
    with so many lapisan i am sure it is very filling…
    and i tot in many cafes the milo ais with lots of milo powder topping is called milo dinosour ~ ^_^

  22. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    drop by and have a try! 🙂

    really? But it was first time 'knowing' what is nasi tumpang *runs away and hide* ^^

    pork floss is yummy! The texture is alright too. But this nasi tumpang is served either with chicken or beef floss. We opted for beef. First time having those beef floss and Chris loved it very much 🙂

    milo dinosaur?! nice name… haha. But the milo here not nice la… lol ^^

  23. The food might taste alright but the services is hell poor.
    I made an order for a simple 'Roti Bakar' and I waited for 25min and still do not see one.
    I spoke to the service chick and she asked me to keep in line when there are only less then 6 ppl already with their food on the table.
    I just cannot believe such a poor service.

  24. Miss Messy Mirae says: Reply

    wah..nampak sedap nasi tumpang ni..nak pi midvaley la..mintak share gambar ni bole?

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