Ipoh Day 3: Three Breakfasts and Tualang Seafood for Lunch

Continued from Ipoh Day 1 & 2…

8 meals a day during Day 2 did not hold us back from continuing our Ipoh gastronomic adventure as we’ve already gave in our waistline. Fret not during an eating trip. These what what we all planned to do!
3 Breakfasts in a row! 

#1 Restoran Paris – Famous Hakka Noodles and Liew
Used to operate their business at the opposite coffee shop named Yin Yau Kui Restaurant, the Famous Hakka Noodles have shifted to this Paris cafe. It was my first time having hakka noodles with tauge (bean sprouts) in it. Oh, how could you miss out tauge when you’re in Ipoh! The yeung liew to go with it were good too, but you won’t get a chance to choose in particular which liew you wanted. Just inform them the number of servings, and they’ll pick for you.





Located on Jalan Sultan Iskandar nearby the Ipoh new town police station. Right after the traffic light (on your left) as you head towards old town.
#2 Nam Chau Curry Mee
My dad recommended me to check out one of the curry mee in Ipoh. ‘Neh, near the balai polis one’ But I forgot what’s the restaurant’s name. However, it was closed during our visit. We then proceeded to Nam Chau. The curry noodles here somehow tasted differently from KL’s version of dry curry mee. It tasted sourish, churning out an appetizing sensation.



Dry Curry Mee


The obese bean sprouts 🙂


Some Siew Yoke to go with the noodles. So-So only.

54, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh.

#3 Sun Yun Loong Ipoh White Coffee
This is located just opposite Nam Heong Coffee House. Once again, it’s quite tough to a seat. I guess not only Ipoh folks, but people from other states too were gathered in Ipoh somehow. lol.
Chris and I preferred the Ipoh White Coffee from Nam Heong better although the ones served here were also some good stuffs. You could also opt to add some grass jelly in your coffee for a difference!




#4 Gua Kek Look Tong
Kek Lok Tong is the most recent Ipoh cave temples and it owns quite a spectacular view. The temple is set in a huge cave in the limestone outcrops behind Gunung Rapat with works of art, statues of Buddha in various forms among the natural rock formations. We spend quite sometime there amusing ourselves with bubbles blowing and pictures sessions!






the sweetest duo


aiwei 🙂

#5 Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant at Tanjung Tualang

Many thanks to Citygal’s parents for the marvellous meal at Lung Seng seafood restaurant, we traveled to Tualang from Ipoh for a seafood meal on our way back to KL. Oh, Fresh Water Prawns catered differently via 3 types of cooking method was the perfect indulgence.

See… See…


Steamed Prawns with Chinese Wine & Egg White
I love this most, it brought out the freshness of the prawns. Matched with eggs of utter smoothness!


Crispy Oat Prawns
Very fragrant and crispy, these darlings were finger licking good too.


“Jui Ha” Simmering Drunken Prawns
I’m hot! I mean after consuming these freshies and gulping down some alcoholic soup.


Soft Shell Crabs – very crispy and piping hot. Dunk these crabs into the chili sauce for yummier taste.


Seafood Sang Mee
Some tasty noodles to go with our seafood main characters. The gravy was good.


Fried Rice were OK as I am already too full to feed myself with anymore of it.


Stir-fry Paku with Sambal Belacan
Crunchy paku vege and kicking sambal with spiciness. A hit!

Restoran Lung Seng
10 Jalan Besar
31800 Tanjung Tualang, Perak
Tel: 05-360.0735
Open daily from 11.30 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.
Note: Business is real good here, so please call for reservation to avoid disappointment. It’s almost a must to call beforehand 🙂


Goodbye Ipoh!
Thanks again to KampungboyCitygal for showing us around your beautiful hometown and filled us up with lotsa memorable delicious food!!
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15 Replies to “Ipoh Day 3: Three Breakfasts and Tualang Seafood for Lunch”

  1. now only i realise, we ate so much!!! @@

    i miss the tualang prawn a lot larr… esp the oats one. Yummmmm…

  2. hahhaha I always look forward to Ipoh, eat eat & eat! 🙂

  3. how come the ladyboss din tell us about the jui har???? grrrrr…lurve the prawns at tualang. and the roe attached to them. try the si jap har next time. really good stuff!

  4. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    dear that pic of me n lex is so ugly lar 🙁

  5. Slurps!! I miss those prawns too….so so delicious and cheap. I love their soy sauce version the most, guaranteee you will wipe the plate clean!

  6. So many things to indulge in Ipoh? I really want to try the famous white coffee from Ipoh.

  7. Haven't been to the Hakka noodle place since they moved. Still prefer the old shop for the nostalgic ambiance 🙂

  8. aiwei~
    me too. forgotten how much we ate until i dig back all these photos. haha. I love the steamed prawns! ^^

    non-stop eating really! 🙂
    I miss Ipoh.

    haha. Jui Har was good too. it gave us the kick ;P and we love the plentiful roe!
    Si jap har? didn't have those 🙁
    u're making me wanting to return to tualang for more!

    nola. You both look good together dear!

    Precious Pea~
    whoa.. u said so, Nic said so too! A must for me to return to lick my plate clean then 🙂 hehe.

    it's a must try for coffee lover 🙂
    bet you'll love it!

    I thought opposite only? haha. Have not been to Yin Yau kui tho.. but i like the name Paris more.. lol.

  9. sometimes me and family did the same thing, go for nam chow curry noodle then go sun yun loong for coffee only….why not?lol

  10. So much FOOD as usual! 😛 I like the prawns at Lung Seng too! Very fresh and succulent. 🙂 And I love your last picture 🙂

  11. Went to paris restaurant before, the hakka mee is nice…

  12. what a run! hahahaha, i bet you'll return in no time.
    so when's the next intake?

    btw, the sides at Nam Chau were Siew Yoke.

  13. I like the Hakka mee, must plan a trip to Ipoh cari makan liao, Thanks for sharing.

  14. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    ipoh… i want! And melaka too!
    Sigh, all my food trips so far failed one.. ;p

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