A Wet Thai Café @ Cheras, KL

Tucked away in one of the chief corners famous for food discovery in Cheras, A Wet Thai Café is one Thai eatery worth stopping over to comfort your hungry desire for some hot & spicy dishes of undisputed origin. It is located just a few shops away from another well-known Chinese restaurant known as Hau Kee.


It was very thoughtful of AiWei to suggest the right spot for a Thai feast as we bid farewell to the Sugar who flew back to her UK dwelling last month.

What we love about Thai food besides the cravings for tom yum on and off was the hot & spicy essence and its balance of five fundamental flavors in each dish. Appetizing and flavoursome.

We started off with an order of Miang Kam -RM 12. It was one of Chris’s and Citygal‘s favourite. What’s so particular about this traditional snack? Using the fresh cha plu leaves, fold it into a cone-like shape and fill in the ingredients like
some roasted coconut shavings, purple onion, fresh red or green chilli pepper, ginger, lime with its peel and roasted peanuts. After filling the leaf, a little coconut palm syrup containing Thai fish sauce is poured on top. The leaf is then folded and eaten whole.



Citygal demonstrating… 🙂

Pork Green Curry – RM 16 was memorable too. Flavoursome and creamy gravy which was a perfect match with the white rice. I’ve eaten chicken and fish green curry all these while and not pork. These curry pork strips were convincingly good.


The Deep Fried Chili Prawns – RM 20 was little over the top. Overly tangy sauce that took over the essential taste of the prawns.


Since our initial order of Salted Baked Fish was turned down as it was not available, we had Grilled Mackerel (Saba)- RM 30 instead. Smoky, burnt flavours that we fancy, another merit gained.


Our cravings for Seafood Tom Yam – RM 20 was made ideal. Though it was not the best tom yum I ever tasted, it was still acceptable. I have a thing for tom yum being served in a coconut. It just gave more ‘kick’.


Deep Fried Kangkung -RM 8 was a special order. Dip the crispy vegetables into the minced pork dipping sauce for extra flavours.


Deliberating with one-self whether to have another portion of carbs after munching down those dishes with a few bowls of white rice? Say yes to Thai Fried Rice – RM7.30. Mix it with some spicy minced pork and your appetite will be amplified.


Desserts was only mediocre (RM 5.9 each) but the Thai dishes that we had won my heart over and we would return for more.


Sweeter than desserts: our bond (pics from kampungboycitygal.com)


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A Wet Thai Café
8, Jalan Kaskas 3,
Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 9131 9838

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9 Replies to “A Wet Thai Café @ Cheras, KL”

  1. Looks good, never heard of Pork Green Curry too! Aww..love the pic of the 4 sweeties together!!

  2. LOL. at one look i tot the restaurant's name was Ai Wei. Hahahaah

  3. lol..tis A Wet Thai Cafe, is really really near my house..evy night passing by the cafe ..u will c that it is full of customers..
    I ate here once before, it is really nice

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Precious Pea~
    thanks gal!
    my first time having PORK green curry, and it was better than chicken and fish! haha.

    lol. U saw what we saw too! Really looked like AIWEI instead of A WET ;P

    Theng Nee~
    u lived near this place? haha. we rarely tend to visit the restaurants nearby our house rite? lol. A Wet's food was good 🙂
    still waiting for posting gal?

  5. kampungboycitygal says: Reply

    haha lol at xin's comment. we thought d same too

  6. Wonderful thai food!

  7. thanks dear, i do hope this resturant is mine. haha

    went there last sat and i had something new and yummier. pork, but it's the slices of piggy's nect part, sliced and bbq. YUM!!! superb. wan some more???

  8. strange name though. A Wet. awek? one Wet?

    nice shots, esp the mieng kam's.

  9. i tried 'A Wet' before..had their pork knuckle…its very nice too…

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