Chayo Cafe @ Kelana Jaya

As many of you are aware, we tend to allow our cravings march towards food that are categorized as ‘unhealthy’.
What does ‘unhealthy food’ mean to you? This is very subjective. Everyone seem to rate this level differently and habitually, we would permit meaty and deep fried oily fares to wander around our gastronomic diary. Once in a while, it’s still alright, as we wouldn’t wanna give up on these savouries completely! would we?

However, on and off, we should also try going ORGANIC! or perhaps drive your appetite to some lip smacking vegetarian Northern Indian cuisine! Give Chayo Cafe a chance to prove the meaning of healthiness.


Many thanks to Paramjot, the marketing manager and Gurujaswant, the managing director of Chayo Cafe for inviting us over to check out some of their signature organic teas and appealing vegetarian snacks & dishes. It was very lovely of Gurujaswant to arrange a spread of organic food for us to feast on. Surroundings were comfy and was definitely a suitable spot for a gathering.


Chayo emphasized on five fresh ingredients ­– Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove and Black Peppercorn


Spice Tea – brings dynamism out of you
Contained the fresh ingredients Chayo highlighted, an ayurvedic blend to appraise on.

Let’s indulge in some of Chayo’s interesting menu, and the good news is they are all below RM10!

Cheese Finger – RM4.50


French Toast – RM4.50

Tikki Burger – RM8.50

Tofu Scramble – RM7.90


Tauhu Sumbat – RM4.50

Spaghetti Pesto – RM9.90


Pan Fried Potatoes – RM4.50

Bombay Toast – RM4.50


Tikki Chat – RM4.50


Aloo Chat – RM4.50


Mushroom Fried Rice RM6.50


Indian Set – RM9.90
Comprised of Capati with Curry & fragrant cheese sauce, & Spice Tea

Do not forgo their well-known Yogi and Hari Tea, with lotsa health boosting properties.

American Yogi Tea


Hari Tea from The Netherlands

Other drinks for refreshment include Chocolate, Mango Lassi, Strawberry Lassi, Coconut & Pineapple.


Thanks to Vasu, who spent her time taking care of our needs and attending to our questions graciously.

Chayo Cafe offer healthy herbal tea which is imported from USA and Netherland & also serve an organic Coffee. Why not drop by for a Northern Indian Lunch and dinner set with a healthy western menu?

Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Chayo Cafe
50-1 Kelana Mall,
SS6/14 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya
– beside Giant Mall and Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR)

Tel: +603 7806 2675.
Business Hours: 9am to 9pm daily.

There’s also a Chayo Studio (Yoga Studio) upstairs. Get some enlightenment and relaxation through yoga workout!

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Note: Chris and I will be off to Hanoi! Vietnam coffee and Pho.. here we come!
Happy Mooncake Festival to everyone in advance and see you guys next week!!

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14 Replies to “Chayo Cafe @ Kelana Jaya”

  1. wei wei..jealous loh~
    just came back and going off travel again~

  2. great write up dear. it was a new experience to me. northen indian food. organic summore. way so healthy!
    oh oh… i forgot to capture the yogi tea packet 🙁

  3. Many interesting food that I never see b4 ~.~

  4. what an array of dishes.
    no wonder the name sounds familiar. =P
    i tot it was another spam/viral mail when the owner sent an email. hehe …
    will take note of this place.

  5. Life for Beginners says: Reply

    Tofu Scramble? Sounds like something from Kungfu Hustle, hehe.

    Mouthwatering shots of the food!

  6. They have many varieties of bread & burger too.

  7. thule a.k.a leo says: Reply

    I have not seen most of the food before… hahaha… macam katak di bawah tempurung 😛

  8. Where u guys gone missing? never heard from u guys lately

  9. Nice place and very reasonable price indeed! 🙂

  10. thenomadGourmand says: Reply

    such great prices! ;p (sorry alws attracted to cheap and good food)

    enjoy yr hols! Me sure u coming back with loads to post! yeahhhh!

  11. the place looks really good 😀 and..healthy food!

  12. Big Boys Oven says: Reply

    nice ler! who say there are expensive?

  13. i worked so near there but I nv tried before!! after reading ur post, i think i must really go try it out one day… 🙂

  14.'s just opposite my home. Saw their new opening banner everywhere in KJ area. Should go for a try

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