Weekend Cooking Lesson 1: Homemade Nasi Lemak

Since reading XLB‘s post on her homemade nasi lemak, I’ve decided to give it a try as well! Assisted by my aunt, every procedure went on smoothly, particularly when trying to cook the main dish: the sambal! Every other steps are just as easy except the sambal of course. Think I’ve not added in enough sugar as Chris claimed it’s not sweet enough and I should have added more onions! Will work on that in my next attempt.
Frankly speaking, I’m no good in the kitchen. The timid me who is forever afraid of the splashy oil, can’t bear the hot and lazy to cook a proper meal as well! haha.. but I’m determined now to have more actions in the kitchen as I’m worry that I’ll be having culinary potential difficulties when studying abroad. *sweat*
Let’s move on with the important ingredients for the sambal 🙂


Chopped small onions

Anchovies a.k.a ikan bilis in the wok! Ah.. move out! 😛 Becareful while frying it… those striking oil!

Fried the peanut as well and fresh cucumber!

Fry the small onion in a little bit of oil till fragrant and soft, add in the chili paste and let it simmer for a moment. Add some sugar to eliminate the little sourish taste of the chili paste. Taste it! *hehe* Now the coconut milk (santan) is added followed by the anchovies later. And this is it!


I screwed it up? NOT! still OK-lar… 😛 Still edible!
dry chicken curry

The Dry Chicken Curry by aunt. Will learn this in my next attempt. Wish me luck 😛

Nasi lemak isn’t complete without? The Eggs!

Here goes my plate of Homemade Nasi Lemak. Anyone dares to give this a try? Don’t worry… 🙂

nasi lemak (2)

I’m anticipating more lessons in the kitchen! Brushing up cooking skills is a good activity 🙂 Nah! Chris.. don’t say I always didn’t have the intention to cook for you! By the way… did you lick your plate?? Hmm…
I’ve also gained another recipe from dear mommy and will share it out soon enough!

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4 Replies to “Weekend Cooking Lesson 1: Homemade Nasi Lemak”

  1. wenching & esiong says: Reply

    wow, learning how to cook nasi lemak is interesting! it’s such a popular dish in malaysia and i never thought of cooking it at home somehow. should learn it 1 day! keke! will ask u when i have questions then!

  2. whoa! nasi lemak, the malaysian’s favourite. geng lar~ can cook. i deno how to cook at all. kekeke, dah boleh kahwin. has Chris propose? hehehe

  3. WAAAHHH!!!! Looks good…and I DARE to try. How how?

  4. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    wenching&esiong~ u should give it a try 🙂 cooking your own nasi lemak is Xtra delicious! Glad to share!

    ai wei~ not really geng.. Still have to improve lots! Chris hasn’t propose! How How?? haha.. He can cook better than me 🙁

    precious pea~ Admire ur courage! I’m glad that u r willing to! meanwhile.. look at the pictures first ya! 😛

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