Rasa Ayamas @ Mid Valley

most of the time… we won’t be eating out at Mid Valley as we’re kinda bored with the food around.. Will take lunch out of the mall before shopping or movies:P So.. the other day, Chris and I decided to have our lunch at the Rasa Ayamas restaurant as we’re really really hungry… We thought that the food here was ok.. and likewise the price 🙂

Ordered the set for 2! Priced at RM18.90 excluding the drinks. This set came with half-a-chicken, 2 bowls of rice and soups, and a plate of tofu. reasonable huh?

the Ayam Percik~ we claimed it was kinda dry…not juicy enough.. thought they just reheated it before serving..

the Rice was aromatic… nice yellowish staple food topped with fried onions

Tada… Ayamas is famous for their grinded Chili!! Love these…. best eaten with the chicken!

So full… so full… ok. Enough energy to get up and ShoP!! the SaleZilla‘s here!!

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