Anniversary Lunch @ Bar-B-Q Plaza, Sunway

YoHoo…. finally it’s our anniversary! 6 years!!! and I felt so in love~~ boasting. boasting. Haha… for real! it’s the 30th of June 2007 🙂 Had already planned to go ice skating on this very special day. Know why?? To remind ourselves the feeling of knowing each other for the first time and how we became friends! Met each other in the ice rink! more blogging on this~~ later on 🙂 sadly… didn’t manage to step onto the ice as Skate Malaysia is on!! the ice skating competition…. sigh!

Chris: nevermind…let’s go eat!
m3: ok… *with some disappointment* where? where?
Chris: Bar-B-Q Plaza want?
m3: Let’s hit it, babe!

Chris bought me lunch in this restaurant. We ordered the Deluxe Supreme set priced at RM35. Choices of beef, chicken, bacon and assorted vege, mushrooms, prawns, squids, jellyfish and many more 🙂 . I thought that the pan for us to cook on it was pretty special… the provide us with the bacon strips *or is it pork’s fat?* to be place on top of the hot pan as cooking oil! *looked new to me*

Chris managing it around the pan

the Deluxe Supreme set! Tempting~ big portion!!

Another thing is: the sauce; special and yet delicious!! Brown Sauce with chopped Chilies, Garlic, Lime!

They have to be mixed together as a dipping sauce. This adds the extra credits to the fresh meat and vege!

There’re also 2 bowls of rice that came together with the set. We opted for the Garlic Rice instead of steamed rice. To have these we have to pay an additional price of RM1.50.

~The Lemon Ribena~ forgot the price. Oops!

Sizzling sensation~~ cooking. cooking!

Chris and i had fun eating!! we’re such gluttons!! *laughs*


Really felt contented with our lunch session; especially having such nice time with Chris on this occasion!

dear~~ thanks for the lunch!! muacks! Appreciating every moment spent with you!!

Oya.. before leaving this blog.. wanna share a picture taken by Chris in Sunway Pyramid~~ DiGi’s Yellow Men!! So cute~~ I Will Follow You! We followed them just to take a picture!! Haha! 😛

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and one more thing… did you noticed that our eyes are quite swollen? just a little… main reason.. Wee Lick‘s idea to involve us in the card game yesterday so that we can finish the drinks up!! hehe… too much water and orange juice that made us bloated up!

Bar.B.Q Plaza
Lot 35 & 36,
Lower Level 2,
Sunway Pyramid.

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4 Replies to “Anniversary Lunch @ Bar-B-Q Plaza, Sunway”

  1. happy belated anniversary to you and your darling! 😀 hope to hear wedding bells from you soon! 😀

  2. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    Thank you so much.! haha.. Wedding bells? not so soon I guess..:P I’m Waiting for your updates on ur big wedding celebration and dinner first!! ‘tak sabar sudah’! 😛

  3. ♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ says: Reply

    Ah leng next time if you go there again then can invite me also 😛 ahaha… remember to bring your hubby and sisters

  4. wah nice want go try 😀

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