Bread and Olives Cafe @ Langat Hill

First day of the new semester!! Have been anticipating this day to come, yet felt afraid to deal with rest of the period. Tougher and tougher it’s getting. More hard and constant work are needed. Boosting my desire to spend hours and hours at the table. Focused thoughts? NOT! Haiyo.. motivation pls….

Spend the last holiday dinner yesterday with Chris and Lick at the Bread and Olives Cafe @ the place known as the Look-Out Point. Located up at the Langat Hill, nearby Pandan Indah.Faster than traveling up to Genting Highlands, you can enjoy good food at a very reasonable price while admiring the perfect night view of the entire KL! Perfecto! Enjoyable.. especially the cooling environment plus some foggy atmosphere!

their story~~~

It’s rainy that night.. and I’m only able to spot some lights beneath. Cold and windy…
According to Lick, my friend, who took us to this place, it’s somewhat a heavenly place! I’ll try going again next time.

This cafe serves Mediterranean food. Specialized with their own flavour, they provide a taste of difference in deliciousness, thanks to their spices and herbs!

What we ordered:
Chicken wings ~ fried and topped with white sauce and herbs. Tasty!

Arranged prettily, 3 pcs of wings @ RM4.80

The main course!
Shawarma is derived from the Turkish word ‘cervime’ which means turning. The sliced meat are marinated overnight in special spices then skewered and slowly roated in a revolving grill.This is a culinary delight to the eyes and palate.
This dish is optioned in 2 choices: Chicken or lamb.
We ordered chicken as they ran out of lamb.. sigh..
It’s Combo Meal at RM12.50~ Chicken saj wrapped with 2 side dishes and a soft drink.
Choice of side dishes: B&O salad, baba ghanoug, humus, mutabal, or french fries!
baba ghanoug, humus, mutabal‘ I’ve no idea what they are but they sounded captivating.

Shawarmania! heavenly tasty!

**Up close**

Ice Lemon tea & 100 Plus included

sadly, pictures of the magnificient view was not taken… due to the rain. Till next time! Yay.. for once again! Nice gathering venue!
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6 Replies to “Bread and Olives Cafe @ Langat Hill”

  1. Thanks for dropping by and keep up the good work. I didn’t know abt this Langat Hill place – looks like somewhere good to go during the weekend. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Never heard of Langat hill tho.. any specific direction to thiss restaurant.. the shop name give me a wrong impression that they only serve bread n olive..LOL

  3. ~Christine~Leng says: Reply

    boo_licious: glad to have u visit my blog. >.< *smiles* it's definitely a incredible place to go during the night. Not only weekends but also weekdays! The later it is, the more people there will be! jackson:it’s actually located right after the Hulu Langat town, Cheras. there’s 2 direction that I know to get up this hill: one from Hulu Langat and the other from Ampang. The direction to this Look-Out point, up the Hill is quite dark.
    They served other dishes too.. not only bread and pizza’s also quite nice! thx for visiting!

  4. I believe that many first-comers to Bread and Olives Cafe are not sure what to order. My recommendation for you is Magharitta Sensation/Burj Al Arab Pizza, Fatayer Combo(like naan, with different fillings) as appetizer or sharing. Main course is 1/4 Chicken(with Briyani Rice), Lamb Briyani, or Shawarmania Chicken Combo Meal(like kebab), dessert can go for Banana Fritters, drinks can be fresh fruit juice (Try up B&O Flavo Layer).
    Welcome you to email me for further assistance or reservation. Btw, this X’mas Eve will have set dinner with different menu. Hope we all can have memorable romantic night~~ Cheers! – from TIMRA p/s: Thank you so much, Christine!!

  5. Tropicaljantie says: Reply

    yep great place to eat. enjoyed it too.

  6. Hi there.. i went to look out point last week , n it was a beautiful place with the mist from the jungle… i got my directions from their website which is.. cheers

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