I have a thing over hot soups. Esp when the cycle comes and you needed the period tea so badly. You gals know what I meant…*wink*
We spotted Tang Shifu 汤师父, literally means the soup master with exclamations of eating healthily.

Menu scrutinized and indeed, they offer a variety of soups nonetheless, rice, noodles, bird’s nest, ginseng soups and even Pun Choy. Soups double boiled with chinese herbs that stressed on improving blood circulation… they keep u very warm :)

Abalone Sauce Rice Dumplings – RM9.90
Compact pillow-shaped rice dumplings are ingredients-filled.


Black Sesame Buns – RM12.90
Our favourite. They may look like rocks but these buns were soft and fluffy. Adding on the magical ingredients; tasty stewed pork & wolfberries for the best combo.


Tang ShiFu @ 1U

Dang Gui stewed Pork with Brown Rice – RM9.90
Known as the Garden Angelica, it’s widely used in Chinese culinary esp when making soups and for braising dishes.


Dried Mee Suah with Dried Scallop & Abalone Sauce – RM19.90
Oh I love anything with mee suah. Drenched with flavoursome sauce with crunchy dried scallops and shrimps made this portion very appetizing. This set comes together with a small pot of herbal soup double boiled with chicken, yuk chuk & wolfberries. I enjoyed the warm soup to sooth the cramp :)


Snow Jelly with Gingko – RM8.90



Tang Shifu 汤师父
Lot LG321
1 Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)
Tel: +603 7727 2772

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