I just ‘lomograph-ied’ our photos to match poco. hee.

Simple, contented, minimal with cuteness x 100.
Whatever cosy adjectives that pops into your mind fits poco handmade, cafe & atelier perfectly.


We’ve always drawn towards conceptual eateries and what’s behind Poco?
Love Story. aww…

#1 LOVE & deco
Here’s their little story:
Poco was managed by a couple in their 20’s; zzz & mermer
zzz wanted to spend all his time with mermer in the little world that they have created for themselves and they would like to share it with others. Having the same passion, they decided to open a quaint café of their own that also sells handmade handicrafts.

Their cafe incorporates styles similar to Victorian-styled bakeries featured in Japanese animation. With and exterior of white and baby blue, their outlet exposed an innocent calm that makes it stand out cutely.

POCO Handmade @ Bangsar3.jpg_effected

The déco is a little Japanese, a little French and oh! a little Spanish too as poco means “little” in Spanish.

POCO Handmade @ Bangsar1.jpg_effected

The café is filled with books, music CDs and their handmade such as T-shirts, cloth-printed illustrations and comics, patchwork notebooks and pretty hair clips, earrings and bags. Their handmades are for sale.

POCO Handmade @ Bangsar2.jpg_effected

#2 Jap food by zzz mama
They offer simple Japanese food prepared by zzz mama! Though the menu was limited, they are at a very affordable price 🙂

Green Tea – RM 2
Marinated Wakame with Inari and Sesame Seed – RM 3


Homemade Chicken Roll – RM 11.80

chicken roll.jpg_effected

Omelette Rice with Curry – RM 11.80


Chicken Katsu Chop and Rice with Curry – RM 14.80


Miso Udon Noodles with Prawn Tempura


Miso Soba Noodles with Egg


Tofu Cheese Cake – RM7.90
A mild cheesecake infused with a taste of tofu and cheese. Special 🙂

tofu cheese.jpg_effected-002

#3 Celebrations
It was an official get-together for our friendship anniversary! (another reason to celebrate again when sugarbean returns) As we have vowed to celebrate it every year. Strangers from blogsphere to becoming besties. Luv 🙂


POCO Handmade @ Bangsar4.jpg_effected


A sweet and cosy place for couples and friends get-together 🙂
Limited items on the menu but at a very affordable price.

POCO Handmade, Café & Atelier

1, Lorong Kurau, Bangsar 59100 KL
Phone: +603 2287 5688

Email: [email protected]
Business Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday: 12pm – 9.30pm
Closes on Monday
Website: http://pocohomemade.blogspot.com/

kurau map_post

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