Ever heard of Puchong being flooded with Dim Sums eat-outs?

Bet you do, as apart from Hong Kee & Yuen Garden Dim Sum, there were still a few around running their brisk business pretty well.
Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum is one of them.
I love weekend mornings, when I’m free from extra calls from work. Chris and I would be thinking about big breakfast. A lot.
Headed to Jin Xuan, which is a branch from Damansara, or was it vice versa, to resolve the cravings for dim sums.


What would we describe about Jin Xuan?
Variety. You would definitely say the same too if you’ve visited this place. Lots to choose from; from usual har gau, siew mai, char siew pao, loh mai kai to Wanton noodles with juicy char siew and siew yoke. A Hong Kong approach 🙂

Lotsa prawn fillings


This was special. A fusion of chinese & western. Prawns & fish paste wrapped with bacon strip.


Egg Tarts are my fave. But a tad too sweet. One is enough.


Fish Balls


Siew Mai


Chinese Yam Paste with pork fillings (Wu Kok)


Hong Kong CCF


Wanton Noodles was decent


Char Siew rocks. I’m into the caramelized, glazing sauce drizzled our them.


Siew Yoke with chili and mustard. Crunchy skin!

Jin Xuan Dim Sum

Steamed Egg Custard Bun
Liquefied egg yolk burried mountainously inside the steaming custard bun. A tad too sweet still…
Dim Sums were expectable considering the many varieties we could opt for. But not the best we had and price-wise, a lil’ expensive. We would still go for Hong Kee or Phang Key @ Happy Garden.
Jin Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum
No. 7 & 8, Jalan Kenari 8, Bandar
Puchong Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603 8075 0866
Operating Hours:
7.00am – 11.30pm
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