The PJ Old Town Food Court is actually not a new place to us.

I used to frequent this place sometimes during the weekends, tagging along with my siblings and parents for a family dinner when I was young.
This place is special.
In a way that it brought back memories for both my parents like to have the famous Ice Kacang here during their courtship years!
And now, here were are, tagging along again and would love to share with you guys what’s good around.
Bored of fancy restaurants? Drop by for some various selections of hawker food that could recharge your appetite.
You’ll just have to order the Ice Kacang from Weng Kee.
At just RM2, it’s a guilt not to have some ice shave with ingredients brimming out for a cool down during the hot weather these days.


Pork Satay.
I think there were 2 stalls selling pork satays but only one was opened during our visit. Both were equally good as the meat texture was barbecued to the right degree. Well as for the sauce, it still could not beat Satay Rosley’s.

Hokkien Mee was also a good stuff to try.
Wok hei, right flavour? You got it. It has a different deliciousness that you can’t describe if you compared this to Ahwa at off Jalan 222. We cleaned the plate fast.

Wat Tan Hor
All the while I have been locking myself up to Ahwa’s.
This was my new found love. Kuey teow was not over-cooked. Gravy was flavoursome.
Below are the mediocre orders, we thought ;P

Cuttlefish Kangkung


Rojak Buah




Tauhu Bakar
PJ Old Town Food Court
Taman Selera
(next to PJ old town market, opposite bus station)

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