Fullhouse.A place where almost everybody talked about.
A place where people would just love to drop by despite an array of comments gunning down on their food.
& A place we think most of you have went to.

Chris & I have been wanting to pay Fullhouse a visit ages ago but ended up not going & no one could tell why. I went there for the first time, without him. Oops.
Friday lunch is the time when we girls would scratch our heads looking for the best place to chill out leaving all our frets behind & say cheers to weekends.

Here we were, at Fullhouse enjoying the accompaniment of the cute-sy interior and deco arrangement, fitting in well into their lifestyle concept hangout place housed in a bungalow off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.



Fullhouse is readily populated and well-known for their cam-whore spots and needs no introduction, here’s some of the budget and affordable set lunches that we had.
With price range at around RM13.90 – RM16.90, set lunches come with a large glass of ice lemon tea, wild mushroom soup, a main course and a pastry.

Wild Mushroom Soup
Very creamy, but it’s only moderately warm when served.


Salmon Salad
Portion was poor and with lotsa cheese powder sprinkled all over resulting it an odd serving.


Signature Black Pepper Chicken.
The girls have different opinion towards it. Some said it’s a wee bit salty, some just dislikes the blackpepper and some said it’s good 🙂


Pan-Fried Dory Fish
I find the fish was alright and the gravy special. With a hint of sweetness from the gravy and saltiness from the mash, it’s not bad after all and acceptable.


Curry Noodles
From the look of it, the portion was rather huge and ingredient was brimming.


Pastries was disappointing however…


Despite their OK food, many customers are still pouring in.
This concept restaurant is doing pretty well and I guess its cuteness won the patrons heart.
By the way, I love all things cute too!
I would love to take picture of every corner but it’s time to get back to work! 😉

Full House

Full House1

Full House2

My fun colleagues and chummies!


No. 2, Jalan Liew Weng Chee
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2164 6466


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