I am half Hakka but when it comes to the topics on Hakka dishes, it doesn’t ring the bell.

Well, at least I know about Hakka Pun Choy. Not good enough eh?
As most of you might know, Serdang area is majorly populated by Hakka inhabitants. Thus, it is almost impossible that you could not find any Hakka dishes around.
Hoi Tin, like one of the well known Chinese restaurants in Serdang; Hee Lai Ton that also cater for both dine in & wedding sessions, has been operating for quiet some years in this town.
Recently, Hoi Tin has shifted near to Equine Park & was refurnished into a better looking dining spot. Lucky me, as it is much nearer for me to pay ’em a visit to check out some of their well-known Hakka dishes.
Stir fry Brinjal with garlic & XO sauce
very flavoursome & a perfect dish to go with your rice. I enjoyed this most.


Stir fry Kailan with Tung Choy (preserved vegetable)
Combination of fresh and preserved vege was a decent mix and match.


Bean Sprouts with Cuttlefish
Chris gave a double thumbs up for this. Crunchy sprouts & chewy cuttlefish.


Fish Paste & Chives Stuffed Bean Curd (Tau Fu)
Served in a lip smacking broth, be sure to be impressed by this simple dish.


Claypot Spareribs with Yam
Hands up yam and pork lover! I surrendered to this. Soft meat plus yam that’ll melt in your mouth 🙂


Steamed Red Tilapia in Minced Ginger


A great place for dinner esp, with family & friends. Not overpriced, we had a satisfied meal 🙂
Hoi Tin will be starting off their dim sum sessions soon; from the end of April onwards. We’ll be waiting to try!

Hoi Tin1

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What’s more at Equine Park?
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