Once upon a time, there lived 2 girls who dreamed big, and have many fixations common. They enjoyed wearing off their soles walking around for fashion garments, having fun under the sunshine (maybe not that often) and loitering around on their royal horses and carriage for good food.

Blueberry and Mooie. That’s their sweet little name.


They love to be pampered. And they definitely love having wardrobe revamp on and off. So on one bright sunny day, after some time-killing foot exercise in Bangsar (they decided to walk as there were no parking for horses and carriages), Blueberry and Mooie decided to pop round Alexis for high-tea.



Blueberry hurriedly urge Mooie to try that piece of cake that screams “Eat Me!”. That screaming piece of cake was named Tiramisu. Mooie likes her. She was somehow unique. Tiramsu had a good sense of fashion. She wore a coat with caramelized mixed nuts of almond and peanuts. Her inner layer were spongy with aroma of coffee and cognac. Such beauty.


Both Blueberry and Mooie love making friends with her, as she kept waving her choco hands at them. Adorn Tiramisu with some Raspberry sauce provided and she’ll be even yummier.


They became best friends.

The 2 girls needed some beverages too while waiting for their carriages to pick them up.

Iced Chocolate – RM12 & Iced Cappucino – RM11.50

Blueberry and Mooie went home contentedly. Glad to have met Tiramisu and of course, they lived happily ever after.

The End.


I found my favourite Tiramisu.
Tiramisu at Alexis – RM15 per slice.
Great texture with caramelized layer on top (with almond and peanut). Sponge cake layer infused with coffee and cognac and the chocolate flakes in between blended well with the mascarpone. Don’t forego the raspberry sauce which blend so well with the cake.

Wagyu Beef… Next round?

Alexis Telawi
29, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, KL
Tel: +603 2284 2880

Did I mention that Blueberry and Mooie had another BFF besides Tiramisu?
Her name is Citygal.
Please vote for her and her prince at http://taiwanbesttrip.net!

their video compilation 🙂

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