1 Utama used to be my getaway corner during weekends. But now, I find it less exciting. I must be aging, I told myself. I prefer to hole up myself at home ever since returning rather than loitering around malls for food. Plus, I need a job to feed myself!!
On second thought, I think I’m not aging and the problem is the lack of income. Yikes.

Despite that, I have a sudden craving for Otak-Otak and decided to give 1 Utama another chance to please me since there’s this place called: the Otak-Otak Place which I have been wanting to try ages ago. Of I went, tugging Chris, Aiwei and Citygal along.


Love the exercise book menu. Oh how I miss my school days!

People nowadays would love a rewind towards their younger days, reminiscing the earlier fashion of life and portraying back a retro trend. We went oohed and ahhed over the little details of our younger days toys and gadgets.; like the Happy Family cards, toy soldiers and rubber bands jumping ropes! Rekindling back with what we have left behind was groovy.


Refreshing drinks:

Honey Lemon

Barley Lemon

As the name of this eatery reads Otak-Otak, here were some of our soft and squishy fish cakes fares!

Otak-Otak Stick (RM3 for 5 sticks)
Tastewise, not bad, with fragrance of coconut milk, but the portion was kinda poor ;P


Steamed Otak-Otak (RM3.00)
It was sourish. Quite unpleasant and the serving was insufficient.


Nasi Lemak Special (RM9.90)
Served with Ayam Rendang and Fried Otak-Otak.
Again, small portion but the ayam rendang and fried otak-otak was up to standard. Very tasty and the fried otak-otak was way better than the steamed version.
Another captivating factor was the serving of nasi lemak in the tiffin carrier; the stackable, food-separating, shiny awesomeness lunchbox that mid-century working men started carrying.


Nasi Briyani Dam (RM12.90)
Not sure about the sensation of flavours but the rice way a wee bit too dry.


Rojak Petis (RM5.50)


Verdict: Thumbs up to the ambiance and detail settings of a retro dining experience. But food wise,there is still a need to change for better. Room for improvement in areas of food serving and freshness of ingredients.

Disclaimer: This is our personal dining experience and we do not intend to forbid patrons/ readers from trying for themselves. Perhaps you think they’ve already improved in areas we mentioned, do drop by and let us know 🙂

Otak-Otak Place
Lot LG 311B
Lower Ground Floor Oval
1 Utama Shopping Centre
No:1 Lebuh Bandar Utama
Bandar Utama City Centre

Tel: +603 7727 4181

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