Exams are finally over! Battling with the exam nerves throughout these few weeks was really not an experience to mesmerize! Really need some ‘real’ relaxation before getting ‘hypertensive’ effect again when the results are out….

The holidays that I’ve been anticipating…
So many back dated posts to catch up!
Kinda bewildered…

I’m so mad with FlickR photo sharing right now! Connectivity way low! can’t upload my pics!

Let’s focus on food right now! *yikes!* I’ve gotta eat more! *lose weight already!* Thanks to my Uni!

Decided to have a dim sum breakfast after an early swimming session with Chris, we met his cousins at the Yuen Garden Dim Sum House and we were late ;( So, we didn’t get to capture some of the dishes ordered. However, I’ve still some delicious recommendations!

I just love their portion of Loh Mai Kai (the glutinous rice with chicken). Tasty, the essence of the sauce just penetrate well into the glutinous rice. With tender chicken meat, mushrooms…. Hmm.. Perhaps it’s been too long since I last tasted any ‘delicious’ loh mai kai.

The Steamed Spare Ribs is also a tempting one. Gravy embedded firmly on the pork was flourished with deep aroma 🙂 Not bad… Ok. I’m exaggerating because I was way too hungry after swimming. But yes, it’s still well accepted.

Another glutinous rice serving that should be tried, the Loh Mai Fan! Presented beautifully on our table, I can’t wait to land my chopsticks on them! Still drooling @_@ worth trying!

What about dim sums? I didn’t get to try any as the presence of those evil prawns just shoved me off! Allergy … I hate you!

Siu Mai was an ordinary one, claimed Chris.
Same goes to the Har Kau.

I suddenly had a powerful desire for Egg Tarts and made an order quickly. When they are served, those cute little mini tarts just grabbed my attention as I preferred having the mini versions lots! Tasted like Tong Kee’s definitely!

Well, didn’t really like their HK chee cheong fun.. The gravy was kinda sweet and not really up to my liking. Anyone who have tried?

At affordable price, our orders were ranged from RM2.50 – RM3.00.
Tired of having noodles as breakfasts? Check this place out. However, there’s one disappointment… Slow service! No doubt that this place is loaded with lots of customers, but we don’t really get to try the variety if dim sums offered as we’re not served. Most of the times, we have to call out for orders 🙁

Gonna plan ahead on spending the days fully 🙂 Shall not waste them… my long awaited extended period of recreation!


Yuen Garden Dim Sum House
Jalan Kenari 18,

Bandar Puchong Jaya,

Tel: 03-80763818

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