Right after our unpromising lunch, we went restaurant hoping again 🙂 This time, we drive our way to the Curve 🙂 I love strolling around at the walkway lined up with various types of restaurants and cuisines especially in the evenings where the pretty lightings filled up the street.
Went to Ikea opposite for Chris’s computer table and after several go-sees, my feet ached! Walked too much 🙁 Hours passed by really quick and we’re hungry again 🙂

We marched our way back to the Curve and on the way, we passed by a signboard full of posters of the eateries promoting their restaurant’s dinner sets, discounts, specialties and stuffs like that. At that time, it was still the Ramadhan month and my attention was drawn towards the promotion offered by Charms Cafe. It stated clearly there: ‘Buka Puasa Promotion‘ a set for 2 for only RM18.90!

Me: Hey… that’s really reasonable!
Chris: Let’s go then 🙂

When we reached the cafe located on the ground floor, about 1 or 2 units from Pho Hoa, we walked in with great anticipation. I was comfortable with the interior decoration of this place, with suitable colour combination and artistic effect. Sort of like the baba and nyonya style, the wooden tables and chairs do match appropriately.

Settling down ourselves with the menu, Chris asked the waiter serving us,

Chris: You’re having a buka puasa promotion right?
Waiter: Em. No. but you can only order from here (pointing out on the menu)
Chris: Huh? I thought you guys are having some dinner sets during buka puasa month?
Waiter: Sorry sir. Finish oredi. This promotion… no more.

Chris looked at me, “So how?”
I wasn’t happy at all. Felt cheated to the restaurant.They even had a giant banner hung outside of the restaurant with big wordings of ‘that’ promotion and now they said.. ‘Finished already?’ It was only half the Ramadhan period. Sad. Sad.

We ended up ordering from the menu in the end, although we weren’t very fulfilled. Still manage to scrutinize over the menu so that we could have a nice dinner. Don’t wanna be triggered to be unhappy over some minor stuffs.

soya bean

Soya bean for RM4

We had the Pineapple Fried Rice for RM11.90. This came well-presented, with the pineapple served filling up with fried rice comprising of chicken meats, prawns, other assorted vegetables as well as pineapples. It was pretty fragrant but not incredible.

pineapple fried rice

We also had the Green Curry Noodle. Most people would definitely prefer their curry mee with meehoon, but I still prefer mine with kuey teow and yellow noodle. Doesn’t look that charming isn’t it? Tastewise, it was not bad. Very flavourful but somehow we find the curry broth not thick enough. A thicker green curry would be yummier for sure 🙂 and.. For RM9.90, not much ingredients were served. Kinda pricey with only some prawns and 4 ‘bars’ of brinjals..

green curry noodle

Pretty obvious we’ll be contemplating on whether to make our way here again for other food. Not so soon 🙁

Charms Cafe
Lot G38, Ground Floor,

Asian Courtyard, The Curve,

Mutiara Damansara,

47800 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7728 2206

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