Last Friday, Chris brought me to Sg.Chua for a swim at one of the fitness center. Fees at RM3 per person to enjoy the swimming facilities there… I haven’t been swimming for quite some time (as in “really swim”) Had a great exercise that day:) Working out the whole anatomy! Swimming is good.. will produce great endurance as well. (besides ice skating..eHem).
After swimming, hungrily… we went to have our lunch at a coffee shop next to Kajang’s wet market, that is Lik Kee. They offer steam or barbequed chicken, barbequed pork and roast duck as well. 🙂 Business is always good here.. I can tell! Especially during lunch hour. Customers will just have to wait for their turn to “dine in” and sometimes a long queue for take away orders (ta paos). This shop or stall operates from 11 am till about 3pm, but most of the time, all food will be sold out before 2 pm! that’s fast!

Take a close look at the stall. there’s a website: It’s blogspot actually.. I’ve reviewed it below:)

I’ve tried this a few times, but Chris and I still prefer their Barbequed Pork Rice! (Char siew and Siew Yuk) RM4 per plate. Meat texture just nice, not hard.. and it’s juicy! Along with a little gravy (Char Siew Gravy) it’s perfect! Love this taste! I just can’t find it anywhere else at the moment. In my thoughts, I’ve used to enjoy “this taste” when I was young and back then, my grandma used to “ta pao” (take away) the chicken or barbequed pork rice (with the gravy I mentioned earlier) for me after school…
This was back then when I was still a kid in Sri Petaling. Didn’t know that I could still taste it. And it’s in Kajang! Hmm.. the significant taste that I’ll not forget! 😛

Should try this when stopping by Kajang 🙂 Nice for real…..

Blog reviewed:

Lik Kee
Next to Kajang’s wet market
Operating hours:
11.00am to 3.00pm (but usually closed by 2)
Tel: 012-6557093 / 012-3565086

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