After a tiring day of lectures and workouts, Chris brought me to a restaurant that he has been to with his dad not long ago… the Hur Kee Restaurant located at Sg.Chua, Kajang. This place is famous for one of dishes, that is… the ToFu in Sizzling Pan! I love tofu lots lots! We ordered this of course… The tofu is so soft and best eaten when still hot, no doubt! It’s cooked with a bit a of chili and I thought that the taste is otherwise different from what is usual…. Oya.. The sizzling hot pan is layered with eggs at the bottom first before the tofus are being placed in! Eggs+ tofu= apparently compatible! There’s also a little sweet sensation of flavour perceived in my mouth.. *drool* It is priced at RM8. Customers of most tables ordered this! *yeap*

Besides that, we had the Pineapple Spare Ribs at RM12. A dish cooked with pineapple … arranged in a pineapple with removed flesh… Don’t really think it tasted that superb as it’s depicted. Meat not succulent enough.

After having dinner and a nice conversation with Chris, headed back home real fast.. Tired! A simple dinner session I had that is!

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