Guess our posts on the spring trip will have to wait as we would like to share some tales on the small spring picnic and ‘in-house grilling sessions’ with housemates that came about right after I’ve handed in my final year research project dissertation.

For the past half a year, I’ve been working on……


Building a peptide chain to inhibit a pathway responsible in triggering prostate cancer. Interesting.

From interpretation of painstaking journals, calculations, drawing chemical structures of peptides, lab work to build peptide chains to generation of a report. When it was time to wave goodbye to the hard work, it was such a relieve and at the same time, I kinda miss the fun days at lab for a month.

I could write a book. 2 actually.

In rejoice of spring time, I found relaxation after project handover at outdoors. Precisely George Square. Pretty sunshine, cool weather surrounded by people picnic-king, sunbathing, sleeping, bbq-ing and cuddling.

enjoying Glasgow’s sunshine, Sainsbury’s choc chip cookie & breathing fresh spring air.

After energy-regain at outdoors, went back home to prepare a meaty feast to celebrate some project-free-days! Themed ‘in-house grilling session’.

Grilled Bacon with Capsicans

Grilled Chicken Wings with honey

Medium-rare steak

Medium-rare steak with onion and black pepper gravy

Some Mash Potatoes to match

Nothing beats a feast after some hard work!

Next up: spring vacation @ Manchester

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