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    The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Bakery @ Damansara Kim, PJ

    July 22nd, 2014

    Cutting-edge cuisine has its place, but sometimes you just want a hearty meal with your favourite comfort foods. We’ve heard many people saying, “As everything around us changes faster than ever, there’s always comfort in things that stay pretty much the same” :)
    Which what makes one happy.
    In this era of food anxiety, it’s no wonder we sometimes feel the need to throw the book away and tuck into foods that remind us of simpler times.
    Like what we felt when dining at:

    The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Bakery



    During the past years, we noticed many young restaurateurs has stepped up to the mark and opened their own independent ventures. And this include Marcus & Mei Wan, these are the 2 brilliant partners behind this restaurant tucked away on the shop-house street in PJ.
    With an infusion of energy, delicious food and fresh ideas, these youthful crop of business owners is forseen to rise to the top and, at the same time, helping to shape the future of the local dining industry. Oh yeah.

    Opened just this year, Marcus & Mei Wan originally runs a supper club based in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. With this new outlet in town, they continue to serve Modern American comfort food using local produce.
    During the day, they serve pastries, breads, cakes other sweets at their bakery. As the night pours in, their restaurant is ready to serve dinner plates for sharing. So, you get different kind of experience at a different time :)





    We love how simple yet sophisticated their interior turned out to be as you step in. Clean, bright, white plus wooden furnishings.




    Sharing pitchers
    Lemongrass & ginger fizz – RM25
    Highly recommended by Marcus, it was really refreshing and a clean start to our palate before the indulgence.



    Dinner for sharing

    Small Plates
    Citrus salad, grilled calamari, capers & shallot vinaigrette – RM24
    Nicely presented with its colours from the citrus fruits, the combination of calamari and greens was really matching. Chewy and moderately flavoured.



    Large Plates
    Pork belly, apple reduction & watercress – RM46
    Absolutely adore this portion of pork belly. I’m personally not a big fan of fatty meats but you just gotta have a few bites. The amount of lean and fats were just right and not overly satiating. With combination of sauces from the apple reduction and mash beneath that balanced the flavours of sweet and catchy, it was memorable.




    Buckwheat fried chicken, thai basil crisps & pomelo salad – RM38
    Also known as their flagship chicken, it was really crispy and aromatic. It’s been a while since we really enjoyed fried chickens. Haha.




    Dark Chocolate Tart with Almond Tuiles – RM15
    Crunchy, crumbly and very enriching!



    Earl Grey Crème Brûlée with Shortbread fingers – RM15
    Fragrant and creamy, there’s really nothing like cracking through the caramelized sugar layer to reveal the smooth custard underneath. And the shortbread made us missed Scotland so much!



    The Kitchen Table Restaurant & Bakery
    23, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya
    Opening Times:
    Bakery: Tues – Sun: 10am – 5.30pm
    Restaurant: Tues – Sat: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (last order at 9.15pm)
    *Sunday Brunch : 10am – 2pm
    *Closed on Mondays

    To view their menu:

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    Marshall’s Burger @ SS15, Subang Jaya

    July 15th, 2014

    The burger culture in Malaysia is no longer dominated by major fast-food chain in town with many independent burger joints joining the burger rave. The popularity of burgers remains on top despite many judgmental thoughts of fast foods like these would leave quite a flimsy aftermath in our body and the menu could get boring. Well, not anymore in a “today-burger joint”!


    Well, not just another burger joint. Really. Not as simple as that. Who are we talking about that has just landed not long along from Pearl of the Orient (Penang) to Subang Jaya SS15?

    Marshall’s Burger

    Despite the mushrooming of many burger themed outlets, Marshall’s Burger is still slicing straight to the meat of the matter. So, hats off to this new burger outlet of today. Also, we are not exactly getting our cravings for our burger of choice settled so easily nowadays at typical fast food joints, do we? Difficult on our wallet, same old selections, you name it.
    At Marshall’s, they offer in-house made patties from imported beef, daily fresh pork patty and chicken thigh. Serving humble juicy burgers by getting all burger basics right, we personally think their burgers have nailed it, in terms of locking the juiciness of the patty. So, wave goodbye to frozen patties, MSG & preservatives! Yay!
    We were really surprised learning that Marshall’s actually started off as a roadside burger stall in Pulau Tikus, Penang selling burgers with precessed meat patties initially. When they finally kicked off for their burger venture in 2012 where they introduced their famous pork burgers, the overwhelming response in Penang have made them decided to bring more of this delicious burger options to Klang Valley!



    At Marshall’s Burger SS15, it’s not about those gourmet burger laid out on your table. It’s all about simplicity when it comes to their ambiance, set-ups and even menu. A casual place for us to hang out for some burger issues :)




    Pork, beef, chicken & fish. Each category has different selections. Whether you like yours with cheddar or bacon, double patties etc, take your pick! Also, Marshall’s have creatively named their categories in cute names!:

    • The Fat Piglet (pork)
    • The Bull (beef)
    • Small Fry (fish)
    • Bacon special chicken thigh (chicken)


    All burgers come in a set with side of either Fries or Onion Rings with a soft drink that you can pick from their fridge yourself.
    Another plus point that we love about Marshall’s was, they introduced spicy burgers! FYI, Spicy burgers are available in pork, beef and chicken meat, but not fish. No additional charges for the spicy version. What shall we say?
    All burgers are grilled to just the right perfection that locked the juiciness of the patty. And if you opt for the spicy sauce that is well-infused into the patty, it would be a new favourite for strong-flavoured person as it was well-suited with our local tastebuds.

    The Fat Piglet – RM13.50
    Pork patty with 2 slices of bacon. We decided to have this version in their homemade spicy sauce. Sweet, spicy savoury sauce. The juicy pork patty was such a perfect match with the crispy bacon. Oh, we love pork burgers!





    Hawaiian Piggy – RM15.50
    Talk about the combination of juicy pork patty, cheddar and a sliced pineapple. Never think twice when ordering this. The combo of sweetness from the pineapple that also tenderizes the meat, it’s a tropical match with the pork.





    Bacon Special Beef – RM13.50
    The patties stayed deliciously moist and was topped with 2 slices of bacon. A comfort food most people would love, especially beef lovers.





    Big Fry – RM15.50
    We decided to go for this 2 fish fillet plus cheddar burger that was drizzled with Marshall’s homemade tartar sauce. I personally love their tartar sauce (that comes in orangey yellow instead of typical white ones) very much. We even had this as dip to our fries and onion rings! Goes really well with their fish no doubt :)



    Think you might get bored with just plain ketchup or chilli sauce for dipping, they have their very own Marshall’s sauce that was fueled by fun flavours with mixtures of mustard in it too! Very addictive we warn you :)



    Say hello to another great burger outlet :)
    They have another outlet at Damansara Uptown by the way :)

    Marshall’s Burger
    23G, Jalan SS15/2A,
    Subang Jaya, 47500,
    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
    Opposite Aeon Big
    Tel: +603 5612 2169

    Business hours
    Tuesday – Thursday: 12pm – 10pm
    Friday – Sunday 12pm – 11pm
    (Closed on Mondays)

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    BBQ Thai: Thai Street Food @ Jalan Klang Lama

    July 11th, 2014

    We love Thai food!
    Who doesn’t? :)
    Have always been a huge fan of those profusion of exotic flavours and fragrances from the Thai spices that made these flavours seemingly inexhaustible. Whether it be juicy pieces of grilled pork or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup, they are all just thrilling to our tastebuds. We personally still prefer authentic Thai food if compared to those fusion Thai.



    Having heard of the jam-packed Thai restaurant located just next to Coco Steamboat at Jalan Klang Lama, we’ve been yearning to pay them a visit but sometimes the waiting gets in our way. We finally beat the fear of waiting and hungry tummies and made a visit to BBQ Thai: Thai Street Food on a weekend!
    Lucky us, we do not need to wait too long before they got us our seats.

    bbq thai1


    As the name suggest, do not expect a posh or classy ambiance. Its designs are unique in a way that it churned out an atmosphere whereby patrons would feel like they’re dining in Thailand. Decos like “Tuk-tuk”, old school bike, and wooden huts of different colours. We didn’t make any reservations and so we gotta seat outdoors. It could be quite stuffy when the crowd was humungous. Serving the best Thai delights we’ve heard, let’s check out!



    Though it was written clearly that we have to wait at least 40 minutes for the food, after ordering, the food came pretty fast without much waiting! Since it was our first time, we ordered their best sellers/ hot items for a try :)

    Seafood Tom Yum – RM20
    Would never miss this quintessential Thai aroma! A bold, refreshing blend of fragrant lemongrass, chilli, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice etc that shapes this classic soup, but somehow it’s still not the best tom yum we’ve had after all when we tasted the next dish which was the “Kem Som” steamed fish! But it was loaded with seafood though :)



    “Kem Som” steamed Siakap in Thai Special Sauce – RM48
    We all really love our sharing of “kem som” with it’s bold & sourish taste. Not too spicy too!




    BBQ Pork Neck – RM28
    Juicy meat grilled to perfection. We personally thought this was better than A Wet Thai’s version! Love the green chilli dip too that gave the extra kick!



    Green Curry Chicken – RM20
    Green curry was kinda normal but still flavoursome t go with our rice.



    Kangkung with Garlic – RM13
    We would order kangkung everytime!



    Group picha!



    BBQ Thai – Thai Street Food
    17 Lorong Jugra, Off Batu 3 1/3
    Jalan Klang Lama,
    58000 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 798 19888
    Business hours: 5.00pm – 1.00am

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    Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe by Cielo Dolci @ Publika, KL

    July 7th, 2014

    I’ve always adore this adjective that reflects a playfully quaint or fanciful moment. Colourful & a bit mischievous :) And only recently, we learnt that a new wonderland that brought out the best of hot cold experience together was named Whimsical.
    This is not just a frozen fantasy but a dream come true brought to you by Cielo Dolci @ Publika, KL.

    Photo 25-06-2014 11 56 38

    Photo 25-06-2014 11 58 26

    Here’s Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe by Cielo Dolci

    As you may already know Cielo Dolci has done a great job in their artisanal gelato experience. Here at Whimsical, they decided to bring the adventure further. Like how?
    What about gelato & coffee pairings?
    Incorporating gelato into food items perhaps, even breakfast or salads?
    Nasi Lemak Gelato anyone? They continues to surprise patrons with unexpected flavours.
    Expect a hot & cold showcase at Whimsical!

    Their shop front portrays an ice cream hut that doesn’t really display its gelato like Cielo Dolci at Paradigm Mall. At this front counter, one can try the different flavours of gelato that are individually stored in Pozzetti tubs in stainless steel storage to keep them perfectly insulated for the smooth gelato texture assurance.

    Photo 25-06-2014 12 39 24

    Photo 25-06-2014 11 57 37


    Cute ice cream on wall





    Coffee + Breakfast + Gelato = love

    Photo 25-06-2014 11 28 14


    Americano – RM7



    Cafe Latte – RM10



    Let’s have a hot & cold breakfast!

    Whimsical Breakie – RM29.50
    An assembly of breakfast with lamb sausages, beef bacon strips, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, scrambled eggs with savoury waffles. There’s no gelato for this sharing but if you order the order breakfast spread of rise & shine, you could pair your breakfast with Cielo Dolci Beef Bacon Gelato!




    Duck on the Run! RM23.90
    A stack of smoked duck, caramelized onion & poached eggs on waffle & finishes with house hollandaise sauce. Love this preparation very much as we usually have our boring order of egg Benedict (which we are never tired of). This combination of salty and sweet taste together (duck + caramelised onion) was a perfect couple. Just wish the waffle was a bit more crispier :)



    Whimsical Waffle – RM21.90
    Sweet waffle topped with Cielo Dolci Vanilla Cinnamon Gelato and a myriad of strawberry, drizzled with chocolate ganache & roasted almond flakes.




    Not enough Cielo Dolci Gelato? Go get extra scoops! We had double scoops at RM12.90 (additional RM1 for premium flavour): Pistachio (premium flavour) & Lavender Honey



    With the BFF Ivy :)



    Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe by Cielo Dolci
    D2-G3-05, Solaris Dutamas, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1
    50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: +603 6419 0966

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    Celebrating 13 Years @ Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka, Jade Hills, Kajang

    June 30th, 2014

    **All photos below taken with iPhone5**

    Hello! We’re back at Le Moon’s Eatery. Bakery. Zakka located at Jade Hills, Kajang again!
    A cosy eatery that definitely beats the fuss out when it comes to ordering delicious comfort food, which is very near us :) Read more about Le Moon’s on our previous entry HERE. (more pictures on the ambiance too)

    The last time when we had a meal here at Le Moon’s for breakfast, their menu was kinda limited as they were new. Another visit now, we were wow-ed by their extended varieties and the crowd :) They have their menu printed in little cute booklets and stored in a mini red suitcase.

    This is their menu suitcase :)

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 33 01


    And we were back at Le Moon’s for a reason too. To celebrate our 13-years of being together since 30.06.2001. Haha. Another reason to indulge in their dinner menu too.

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 38 10


    Iced peach & passion tea – RM13.80
    Since it’s their signature and its picture dominated a page of the menu, Chris ordered this. Haha. No doubt it was refreshing.

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 35 28


    These were just appetizers. We ordered an additional Onion Rings at RM3. Not overly battered. Great choice of sides.

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 49 44


    Wild Mushroom Risotto – RM17
    Mushroom risotto served with slow roasted cherry tomatoes, pan fried mushroom & crisp tortellini. Love this delicious twist on the classic preparation as it has that creamy, earthy and nutty taste overall. WIth a sprinkles of freshly grated Parmesan on top that melted onto the risotto, it was flavoursome.

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 49 20

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 48 52


    X.O Dory – RM16
    X.O crusted dory served with goats cheese croquette & mushroom tortellini accompanied by broccoli and garlic puree, finished with dressed romaine leaves. Every component on this plate was delicous, we both agreed. The silky smooth dory fish was smothered and paired perfectly with their X.O drizzles. Croquette & tortellini too complimented well with the fragrant puree!

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 49 32

    Photo 29-06-2014 19 48 37


    Main Course
    Grilled Chicken – RM18
    Sweet hot chutney grilled chicken, finished with options of sides: we chose mashed potatoes (other available options include fries or onion rings). The chicken thigh were grilled perfectly and smothered with a sweet, sourish plus spicy sauce of mega flavours on top. Definitely complemented well with the mashed potatoes that is not empoweringly seasoned with salt, milk & pepper. Always love mashed potatoes that still retains that potato taste :)

    Photo 29-06-2014 20 06 57


    Chocolate Marquee – RM15
    Layered chocolate mousse between a thin sponge, served with a ruby red homemade raspberry sorbet. Great recommendation by their friendly staff Phoebe. The chocolate mousse was smooth and enriched with chocolate flavours that is not too sweet. And their homemade raspberry sorbet was refreshingly sourish that made these 2 components a perfect couple.

    Photo 29-06-2014 20 22 23



    Happy 13 years to us! Cheers with love!


    Le Moon’s Eatery Bakery Zakka
    18-G, Persiaran Jade Hills Utama 1/1,

    Business hours:
    8am to 11:30am -Breakfast
    11:45 to 3:45pm -Lunch
    4pm-9:30 pm – Light Dinner & Coffee (Last call 9pm)

    Friday – Sunday
    8am to 11:30am -Breakfast
    11:45 to 3:45pm -Lunch
    4pm-6pm – Light Dinner
    6pm-10.00pm – Hearty Dinner (Last Call 9:30pm)

    Prebook with them through +6010 289 9585, or +6016-441 2127
    You can also contact them for more info on private party & function !

    FB page:

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    Mr Lim Korean BBQ @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

    June 28th, 2014

    Korean food is almost everywhere in Malaysia & we are literally spoilt for choice. But most would still seek where to get authentic and good Korean food, like us. It’s definitely getting more and more popular in our city with such huge Korean waves influencing our fashion, music and of course appetite. Haha.
    And one more thing. Korean BBQ restaurants are everywhere and most of them offer the same thing, but what makes one different?
    We look heavily into their services as well besides the tasty barbecued meat, varieties of Ban Chan and comfortability. Well of course you would smell after dining in a Korean BBQ restaurant, but some restaurants’ ventilation were really poor even when they have the “hood” around. Ouch.
    However, we do realized most of the Korean restaurants now are not installing that fume hood and very much depended on their air-conditioning system instead. Though so, we’re not stuffed out like mad :)



    And we had quite a good experience with:

    mr lim

    Mr Lim Korean BBQ

    Actually, we dropped by this place by accident as we were supposed to dine at WOW Korean Chicken restaurant. Thanks to @mocas, we’re able to check out another place that serves good Korean food with our partners-in-crime Ivy & Kampungboycitygal :)



    Starter salad, Ban Chan (side dishes), lettuce & condiments for your meat and wrap.





    My favourite kimchi :)


    Comlimentary Steamed Eggs



    At Mr Lim, they offer set deals which is fuss-free and you get to try most of their popular dishes.
    We had their Special Set Menu – RM170
    Although it’s written there that it caters for 3-4 person, it’s more than enough for us 5! And for this price, it was worth it too.
    It came with Dak Gal Bi (marinated chicken slices), Dae Ji Gal Bi (marinated spare ribs), Sam Gyoub Sal (sliced pork belly): All BBQ items
    Also Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake), Jab Chae (Korean stir-fry with sweet potato noodles) & Dolsot Bibimbab (Rice in hot stone bowl)

    All the meat were cooked perfectly with minimal burnt marks and retaining its juiciness. The staffs were considerate enough to barbecue them n another corner as our table were full. So we smell less barbecued after dinner too!
    Dak Gal Bi (marinated chicken slices)



    Dae Ji Gal Bi (marinated spare ribs)



    Sam Gyoub Sal (sliced pork belly)



    Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake)
    Love this very much although it doesn’t look spherically appealing. With bountiful ingredients mounting it. Not too oily too :)



    Jab Chae (Korean stir-fry with sweet potato noodles)
    This was kinda sweet but still taste great to our liking.



    Dolsot Bibimbab (Rice in hot stone bowl)



    Kimchi Jigae – RM20
    We had an additional order of Kimchi soup as we would tend to have Kimchi Jigae everytime! Not too spicy, tey were very generous with the ingredients too like tofu, cabbages, enoki mushrooms, pork & glass noodles.


    Do check out Mr. Lim when you’re around the corner of Desa Sri Hartamas :)

    Mr Lim Korean BBQ
    5G Jalan 26A/70A Primaville,
    Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: 03 6201 6984
    Opens daily: 11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm

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    Afternoon Tea @ Lounge on the Park, Mandarin Oriental KL

    June 25th, 2014

    There are a good numbers of afternoon tea place selections around the capital, but some are better than others with a selection of finger sandwiches, delicate pastries and scones with clotted cream, all gracing a grand tea stand complemented with good tea leaves and doses of caffeine.
    Which would be your favourite Hi-Tea spot in KL so far?

    I personally love hi-tea but have to slow down on this adventure as I can’t really have tea / coffee now. Need to go easy on caffeine, and also cut down on sweets. Catching back up on the delightful afternoon tea session, we decided to head over to Mandarin Oriental for an afternoon indulgence at their Lounge on the Park. Having seen that floor to ceiling glass windows and plush sofas scattered with cushions, Lounge on the Park showcases a seductive mix of Chinese heritage and classic style.

    Photo 18-06-2014 16 22 45

    However, when we were supposed to be seated on those classy plush sofas at Lounge on the Park, it was totally full when we reached! On a weekday. Great. Very crowded and even if we got ourselves a seat, it would be among the crowds :(
    Lucky us, the friendly staff assured us comfy seats inside one of their restaurant, Mosaic. So it wasn’t exactly Afternoon Tea @ Lounge on the Park anymore. More like Hi-Tea @ Mosaic :)




    Love their arrangement as we were seated beside the huge window overlooking the KLCC Park. Best of all, it was not crowded. So much privacy.
    Back to MO’s afternoon tea, their menu menu features 60 premium teas as well as cocktails, juices and coffees. We went for their English Afternoon Tea that features delicate finger sandwiches, warm scones served with jam, clotted cream and orange marmalade, and a platter of miniature cakes, tartlets and chocolates. Their spherical desserts and savouries stand also looks cute and oriental, with sweets on top & bottom, savouries arranged on the middle tier. 
    Heard they also usually have the Oriental Tea Set consisting more of dim sums but it was not available that day.

    English Afternoon Tea
    2pm – 6pm
    RM78++ per tea set



    Love their spreads! Strawberry jam, rich clotted cream, lemon butter and orange marmalade.



    Chris is not really a huge fan of tea, so coffee is a must! Latte please :) And hot chocolate for myself since I can’t take tea :( However, the coffee was quite a disappointment. We suggest that you stick to their tea.


    Photo 18-06-2014 15 38 49

    Photo 18-06-2014 03 46 12 pm




    We actually had 2 tea sets but two persons could actually share one.
    Ours was complimentary as we went there with the Mandarin Oriental The Club Privilege Card & complimentary voucher :) Happee!



    Soaking up the unique ambiance and lavish décor while enjoying our Afternoon Tea for Two.



    Lounge On The Park
    Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur
    Kuala Lumpur City Centre
    50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: +603 2179 8883

    To view the list of Afternoon Tea places that we’ve visited, click below:

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    Paradise Dynasty @ Paradigm Shopping Mall, Kelana Jaya

    June 20th, 2014

    Have you ever thought of whether the way of enjoying your Xiao Long Bao is right or not? Many would just ended up eating a broken dumpling with its skin detached from the meat and the wasted broth pours out onto your plate. Well, you might just say that must be noob and say, “Just pop the whole thing inside your mouth! So easy!”
    Okay, you would just burn yourself easily then as the broth wrapped inside is piping hot.
    But many would know that you should gently lift it up onto your spoon but what’s next?


    Here’s how :)

    1. Gently lift up the soup dumpling from the basket to your spoon, placing extra care not to break the skin of the dumpling.
    2. Chew off a portion of the dumpling skin from the side to allow cooling of the soup broth and pork filing. Please take into consideration that the dumplings are very hot. Do not eat the entire dumpling immediately to avoid scalding. This is one thing many people forgot! :)
    3. Sip the soup from the opening you chewed off earlier!
    4. You could then complement with the ginger slices and vinegar. Time to chow down your dumpling! :)

    At Paradise Dynasty (Paradigm Mall), the oriental ambiance is complement and augmented by the large white Buddha seated right in the middle. Very pretty.




    Signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao (8 Flavours) – RM25.80 (8 pcs)
    Since this is their signature, it’s a must-try if it’s your first visit. And perhaps settle down with the original xiao long bao instead if you are not really into this ‘fancy-pancy colourful’ dumplings. However, we both personally enjoy these different flavoured xiao long bao as they churn out different taste that you could savour.
    Oh by the way, there’s also a proper sequence that you should your XLB:
    1. Original
    2. Ginseng
    3. Foie Gras
    4. Truffle
    5. Cheesy
    6. Crab Roe
    7. Garlic
    8. Szechuan



    But instead, the first dumpling i excitedly picked up was Garlic LOL. Too much love for garlic and skipped so many milder tasting ones. Haha. It’s alright if you don’t follow though. But best if you could and not to worry if you forget which to eat first as they provide a sequence card for you on each table :)



    La Mian with Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Sauce – RM16.90
    La Mian is also famous in Shanghai cuisine and this time we choose to excite our palate with their Szechuan sauce tossed springy noodles. Delicious dumplings, with strands of noodles beautifully drenched in the hot chilli sauce. It’s not too spicy as we thought, it has that kicking taste with a little numbing sensation at the end.




    Wok-fried rice with Shrimps & Preserved Vegetable – RM16.90
    Simple fried rice that satisfied us easily. Clever use of the preserved vegetable that boosted the overall taste.



    Paradise Dynasty
    Lot1 F-15
    Paradigm Shopping Mall
    +6 03 7887 5022
    Open 11am-10pm daily

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    Dang Seafood @ Samut Songkhram, Thailand

    June 10th, 2014

    During our trip to Hua Hin, we managed to discover one of the most delicious meals we’ve had I would say. Cheap & darn tasty fresh seafood!
    Other than Jek Be-Ak, we favourited Dang Seafood too!

    Dang Seafood however, is located in another relatively small province namely Samut Songkhram a coastal province that’s about 75km south of Bangkok. If you’re travelling from Bangkok to Hua Hin or back, you will pass by the Samut Songkram province & most people called it Mae Klong, which is a river in the area that connects to the Gulf of Thailand, flowing through the province from north to south. Means? Very fresh seafood at a very reasonable price!

    Dang seafood restaurant is very famous among the locals and their menu is all in Thai!
    Yup, they handed us a menu that reads in Thai which we din’t have a clue on what to order initially. Another challenge was the folks there doesn’t really speak and understand English which make our ordering a big mess LOL. Luckily, our driver managed to translate for us and they finally handed us a menu with English wordings on it namely “MANU”

    But… in funny English LOL! Still understandable lah……
    So afraid that we’ll be eating “CARDS”! Actually they should be “CRABS” instead. And “worm shell” OMG! Hahaha…*Just for laughs*

    Photo 16-12-2013 02 49 03 pm

    And as for ambiance, do not expect too much as it’s a bit run down, almost like a restaurant near the fishing village :)




    Fried Rice with Prawn
    One of the most yummy fried rice we’ve tried, it was more like stir fry prawns instead of rice as it was loaded with fresh prawns! Very generous portion too :)



    Tom Yum Seafood
    Since it was our last day in Thailand, thus Tom Yum is a must. Sourish and spiciness to the right degree. So flavoursome and appetizing.



    Green Curry Crab
    A definite and desired sweetness from the coconut milk, fresh green chillies and other spices.



    Stir-fry Squid with chilli, garlic & Thai herbs
    With the hint of sweetness and some kicks from the chilies & herbs, the squids were springy & fresh!



    Deep fried sea bass with chilli sauce on side
    Don’t worry it will be too dry as you could drizzle some of their thai fish sauce plus chilli.



    Stir-fry Kangkung
    Well you gotta have kangkung when you’re in Thailand they said :)



    Prawn Omelette
    This dish is like a must-order dish wherever & whenever we visit Thailand be it at different province as it was my Dad’s favourite. So, we made this a ritual order though it’s not on their menu. Thai’s Prawn Omelette is so good ok!



    Dang Seafood Restaurant
    Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram,
    Thailand 75000
    **Just ask out the nearby folks there for Dang Seafood and you should be able to get here :)


    For the detailed Hua Hin travel itinerary, CLICK BELOW:

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    Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ Publika, KL

    June 6th, 2014

    Another Pork-y post!
    We both don’t usually order Tonkatsu when dining in a Japanese restaurant as we both thought that a good portion of Tonkatsu (breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet) should be indulged in a specialized Tonkatsu restaurant :)
    We were once impressed with Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen @ Pavilion but didn’t venture out further to seek for better Tonkatsu as we’re not such a big fan for deep fried meat. Haha.
    Not until now when we tried this for ourselves!


    Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

    When they first opened at the second floor at Eat Paradise, Isetan, I Utama last year, we were tempted to make a visit but sometimes the distance gets you lazy :( And soon we’ve forgotten about our thoughtful idea. When Publika housed Ma Maison recently, it keeps getting onto our food dictionary :)

    FYI, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison exclusively serves up a variety of Tonkatsu dishes; breaded deep-fried pork cutlets that is popular in Japan. They claim that they only uses the highest grade ingredients from the Hire (fillet) to the Rosu (loin) which we believed as what you can get is its juicy and tender meat.

    How to enjoy your Tonkatsu?
    No fret in remembering the methods below as they have table guides placed on every patron’s table :)

    • Grind rock salt into your 3-compartment bowl as rock rock will help in bringing out the taste of the meat.
    • Pour your choice of Sweet Tonkatsu or Spicy Tonkatsu Sauce or both into the other compartments.



    Dipping the meat into the sauce is meant to add extra taste to the meat and also a traditional way of eating tonkatsu.

    ma maison

    You could also add some Roasted Sesame Seeds onto your rice or even the meat to bring out the extra fragrance!

    All set menu comes together with Japanese roasted barley tea, rice, tonjiru (miso soup that with pork, carrots, radish) and pickles. These are all refillable.
    And you also get to choose between plain steam rice and multi grain rice (Jyukkokumai).
    Multi Grain Rice is highly recommended as it has different textures and is more fragrant.



    Another thing I love about this place is their cabbage slices! Though it’s just plain cabbage, but they tasted refreshing with its fine sliced texture and of course the addition of sesame dressing. Refillable also.



    Potato Salad ポテトサラダ – RM6.50
    While waiting for our main and something to nibble on :)



    This is Oroshi, or White radish. You can choose to enjoy it directly or drizzle in the some Tamari dressing. It’s either you take it before the main course for palate ignition or enjoy this together with your tonkatsu directly :)

    ma maison1


    Jumbo Hire Katsu Set ジャンボヒレかつ定食 – RM32.90
    As most preparation weighed around 160g this portion of Deep Fried Pork Fillet weighed 250g. Good portion to be shared or for guys alone! Not to worry about being over-satiated as it’s not oily on your palate!



    Mille Feuille Katsu ミルフィーユカツ – RM29.90
    Deep Fried Layered Pork Loin. This is what @mocas (can check our her Celebrity cats on Instagram) and I had. Love how the layers of lean meat and a little fat build up the texture. Deep fried to perfection nonetheless. Crispy outer later with juicy succulent meat! Great portion. So satisfied.



    Rosu Katsu Set ロースかつ定食 – RM25.90
    Deep Fried Pork Loin/160g



    Prawn & Hire Katsu Set エビフライ&ヒレかつ定食 – RM35.90
    Deep Fried Prawns and Pork Fillet. Chris’s order. Needless to mention about the pork further more, the prawns itself were breaded perfectly too and exceptionally fresh & huge. Apparently they still have much bigger prawns. Perhaps you could check out their Jumbo Prawns yourself!



    Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ Publika (Above Daiso)
    Lot 56 & 57, Level UG, Publika,
    Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: +603-6211 9399
    Opening hours:
    Sunday to Thursday, 11.00am – 9.30pm
    Friday to Saturday, 11.00am – 10.00pm

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    Naughty Babe Dirty Duck @ Desa Sri Hartamas

    June 3rd, 2014

    They said preggers have lots of of craving during their 40 week pregnancy. However so far, I only have this special craving like once in a while. Good news for Chris as he doesn’t need to wake up in the middle of the night to attend my appetite changes LOL.
    Well sometimes I do have the craving… Can tell from our recent visit to Desa Sri Hartamas for a porky meal. Was really missing the finger-licking good juicy pork ribs that we once had at Naughty Nuri @ Bali and also Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck from Bali too!
    It’s such great news when we learn that we can savour both dishes at the same place right here in KL as we’ve been thinking to visit Bali again but not too convenient now :)

    Pigs & Ducks! Yum!
    Naughty Babe Dirty Duck

    Photo 01-06-2014 22 25 49

    Photo 01-06-2014 22 25 38

    This busy restaurant that opened just a few months ago is nestled at one corner of the Hartamas shoplot, bringing lots of hype from its exterior where patrons filled the outdoor area with their favourite beers and meat when the night pours in. Very happening :) The restaurant’s setting itself is dimmed correctly providing a cosy environment, with decos everywhere like pigs & ducks that steals the limelight. Definitely a great casual neighbourhood hangout spot with good menu selection from the kitchen. Having known that they specialized in grilled pork ribs & dirty duck, these 2 are the must-order especially during first visit :)







    Wildest Rocket Salad – RM19
    Served with pomegranate, crispy turkey ham, shaved parmigiana with honey lime dressing. Absolutely love this portion of salad! The refreshing flavours of the honey lime dressing match the greens perfectly & the crisp from turkey ham is another appetizing crunchy element.



    NBDD BBQ Pork Ribs – RM38 (half slab)
    We were there with our girlfriend and half a slab turns out to be stunningly in great portion, more than enough for 2 to share if you want to check out more dishes. This is their signature “melt-in-your-mouth” pork ribs that is lacquered with their homemade barbeque sauce and grilled beautifully. However though they claim that it’s “pull-off bone” like the ones we had at Naughty Nuri Bali, we can’t really clean the meat off its bone.
    But the meat texture was juicy, just wished it was softer and the sauce were flavoursome-ly addictive :)
    Goes well with the Dipping sauce: Tomato Salsa or Hot Stuff (they gave us both!)
    Great to pair the ribs with beer as well! Lucky us that they were offering their special rate promo on beers for the new opening! FYI, they serve draughts on tap.



    Must enjoy the ribs with bare hands and lick your fingers!

    Photo 01-06-2014 11 17 02 pm


    Dirty Duck – RM32
    Duck leg confit served with sautéed yam and pork bacon , grilled zucchini and mushroom sauce.
    Deliciously crispy skin & juicy meat. Went well with the sides of yam & pork bacon. Haven’t tried any combination of yam & bacon and they turned out a good match.




    Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Bacon – RM20
    Spaghetti tossed with bacon, cooked in NBDD’s cream sauce.
    Was contemplating whether we should go for a pasta dish or not, especially a creamy version one as it could turn out very satiating and too filling. But this carbonara we had was light & tasty. Do not worry when ordering.


    Overall, everything was fantastic including the food, ambiance & the friendly staffs plus services.
    Now I know where to find good ribs when I feel like having them :)
    They even serve suckling pigs too, next visit perhaps.

    Naughty Babe Dirty Duck Hot Stuff
    42, Jalan 25/70A,
    Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 6211 9966
    Opens for Dinner only

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    Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa: New Hotel Refurbishment!

    May 29th, 2014

    Hello!! Sorry for the blog updates hiatus! Been snoozing a while as well you know, my body is sorta coping to our newest family member soon #miniC *melts* Despite the morning sickness, I’m doing pretty well when it comes to appetite LOL. Eating more but the body just doesn’t feel like trying new things and going further places initially. No worries! Doing better now and trying to keep my blogging mood back on track :) Enough with my pregnancy stories and time to check out a hotel that bring new vibes & comfortable staying experience right in the heart of KL city centre.

    We’re sure most of you have heard a lot about Hotel Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa. This hotel have been in the city for many years now (since 1995) and if you have ever been to Vistana, you would totally get a whole new experience unlike before. A major refurbishment have been done just this year and they aim to move the hotel into a different ambiance, increasing overall yield in terms of designs and concept. Such a refurbishment involves major works on guest floors creating new guest rooms from redundant space, changing room layouts and decos, adding comfort cooling, introducing new guest facilities including the gym room, complete replacement of finishes, furniture, fittings and equipment. You should come explore yourself :)


    A new motto that Vistana have nailed it

    Let’s talk about Vibrance.
    Compared to the old Vistana that was first opened in 1995, the refurbishment done in 2014 is definitely worth a praise as they brought the right vibes through their trained staffs. Later that we know that younger members of their team are handpicked from existing networks within YTL Hotels, that includes YTL International College of Hotel Management. Very well trained :) Their new concept has also added vibrance to the hotel itself. Upon entering the main entrance to the lobby, you’ll be welcomed by a young and refreshed outlook generally, targeting to cater business and dynamic modern travellers these days.



    An open concept where the lobby, restaurant as well as the barista counter resides together unbounded by walls :)

    We had our one night #staycation here! We stayed in their Executive Deluxe Room which has the stylish outlook and ready for business, the new Executive Deluxe Room is modern and functionally designed to maximise comfort and utility, perfect for rest and work. This is of great Value too as you would definitely get good savings with their great offers. Check out their room rates and offers through the official website HERE.





    Features :

    • Available in King and Twin bed arrangements
    • Ergonomic design LED Bed Reading Lamps
    • New bathroom with modern fittings and large two-fixture shower
    • Signature bathroom essentials by Mangosteen
    • Hairdryer
    • Easy access power points for personal computer and mobile tools
    • Room size: 28sqm




    FYI, Executive Suite is available too :)

    And as for Verve, one can stay connected to what’s important with the facilities they provide, especially for people on-the-go or business travellers like the gym or the small private meeting area Hub 247.

    Enjoy a workout at your convenience, any time of the day, at their 24-hour gym equipped with the latest FreeMotion fitness equipment.





    Do a few laps around the pool to start the morning energised or just take a dip to relax your muscles after a long meeting.



    Hub 247
    For business communications, facilities and online networking, Hub 247 keeps you efficient while on-the-go with quick print stations and wireless internet. A small area that allows privacy. We spent our afternoon chilling out in the hub with coffee & drinks before our evening dip at the pool!



    Photo 23-04-2014 05 48 09 pm


    View from the Hub



    Located just right next to Hub 247, this would be the perfect place to chill out with coffee while you grab some light bites like salad, sandwiches, cookies & local snacks etc. This is a grab-and-go coffee bar :) Well, you can too order smoothies, beers or wine. Like us, upon arrival, we grabbed a cup of coffee & hot chocolate to warm us up in the room.





    Just next to the reception the cafe is easily spotted. They serve casual Asian and Western cuisine offering starters, hot dishes as well as desserts. A buffet spread is available during breakfast & lunch. As for dinner, Vistana KL is now serving ala carte that generated a greater response from the crowd.
    Our dinner experience at the cafe was great as they offer great selections of starters, main course as well as desserts. For drinks, the serve from the barista.




    Freshen up with a dose of Apple Juice :)



    Soup of the Day (Cream of Pumpkin soup) – RM10



    Salad of the Day – RM10
    Mixed green salad with choice of thousand island or vinaigrette dressing. We would recommend you to go for the vinaigrette as it was so delicious and healthy at the same time! Must try.




    Main Course:
    Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Prawns – RM20
    Simplicity at its best. Tasty with a hint of spiciness and the prawns were fresh too. However we personally thought the baguette was unnecessary. Haha.



    Classic Chicken Chop – RM20
    Grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce served with french fries and garden salad. The chicken’s texture was just right and the sauce was flavoursome. But we thought the fries doesn’t really match as they should use perhaps potato wedges or baked potatoes instead.



    Selection of pastries of the day – RM12



    Chocolate fudge banana split – RM12



    Breakfast the next day before checking out :)
    The buffet table, offering a spread of oriental, local & western breakfast all together.

    Photo 24-04-2014 11 30 06 am

    Photo 24-04-2014 11 29 54 am

    Photo 24-04-2014 11 29 52 am

    Photo 24-04-2014 11 30 01 am

    Photo 24-04-2014 11 29 57 am

    Cafe Operational Hours:
    Breakfast at 6.30am to 10.30am
    Lunch at 12.30pm to 2.30pm
    Dinner at 6.00pm to 10.00pm

    Additional information:

    • Check-in time is at 3.00pm and check-out time is at 12.00pm.
    • Early check-in or late check-out is available with subject to availability.


    Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa
    Jalan Lumut, Off Jalan Ipoh,
    50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: +60 3 4042 8000
    Email: [email protected]

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    Pork Ball Noodles @ Restoran Yoong Seng, Puncak Jalil Seri Kembangan

    May 1st, 2014

    **Photos below taken with iPhone 5

    Photo 01-05-2014 09 59 29 am

    It’s been a while since we had a delicious bowl of “sam gan jong pork ball noodles” 三间庄肉丸粉. Used to frequent the famous pork ball noodles stall at Restaurant Win Heng Seng, Jalan Imbi, but we personally thought that the taste wasn’t as great as before as it tasted more peppery.
    Until recently we found our new favourite pork ball noodles stall @ Restoran Yoong Seng nestled at Puncak Jalil Seri Kembangan.

    Photo 01-05-2014 10 14 43 am

    Run by a team of efficient family members, this is the only stall at Restoran Yoong Seng, filled up quickly by customers who are here for their famous pork ball noodles. Be it soup or dry tossed, the repeated customers loved it. It could be pretty hard for you to secure a table here especially on weekends.

    Photo 01-05-2014 10 13 58 am


    Priced at RM5.50 (small) & RM6.50 (big), we love to enjoy our noodles here the dry tossed (“konlo”) way. The noodles came tossed with dark soy sauce, Chinese sausage, generous amount of tasty minced pork with homemade pork balls too. The version here wasn’t too salty nor peppery. Love it! Would be one of our frequent breakfast spot too.

    Photo 01-05-2014 10 00 02 am

    Photo 01-05-2014 09 59 36 am

    Restoran Yoong Seng 榕城茶餐室
    Jalan PUJ 3/1,
    Taman Puncak Jalil,
    43300 Seri Kembangan

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    Midi 57 @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

    April 25th, 2014

    Dining at the Bangkung Row has been fuss free for both of us. Offering various cuisines from Spanish to Italian that have impressed us completely so far. Filling up the No.57 lot would be Midi 57, a friendly and relaxed restaurant serving authentic traditional wood oven pizza and homemade pastas. Comparing to its sister outlet Le Midi, which is more upscale that serves a fine dining establishment at Bangsar Shopping Centre , Midi 57 has a more casual setting that would be a great hang out place for families and friends to chill out & dine indoor or even opt for alfresco dining.



    A kitchen team that is led by Chef Andrea Alimenti, a three-time recipient of the prestigious Michelin star with 35 years of experience, they vow to delight the palates of every customers with his culinary expertise and creativity. And not forgetting, Midi 57 has a good selection of pork dishes too!

    Once seated, we were served with a good selections of colourful cocktails that paired well with the finger food that they served.




    Carpese Salad with Parma Ham – RM48
    Fresh cured meat paired with greens, organic tomato, buffalo mozzarella & drizzled with balsamic reduction plus pesto sauce. Refreshing dish.



    At Midi 57, be sure to order some light bites to go with your drinks. These crispy tapas that they serve paired really well with cocktails and of course beer :)

    Mussels and Prawns in Beer Batter – RM18



    Ham Croquette in Walnut Crust (RM18)



    Chicken Fingers in Red Wine and Rosemary Batter – RM18 (Left)
    Deep Fried Polenta Potato (Right)



    Crispy Foccacia – RM15
    Love the fragrant bite of this flat oven-baked Italian bread that was infused richly with garlic, rosemary & olive oil.



    Porchetta Pizza – RM29
    Another dish that we love from Midi 57 was this pizza! Topped with cheese and the savoury moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition
    FYI, take away pizzas are available here and soon they will have delivery service as well.



    Spaghetti Carbonara and Lasagna
    Creamy carbonara & a luscious serving of lasagna loaded with tomato, mozzarella, basil, parmesan.



    Midi 57 Bar Burger – RM 28
    Slow cook mince pork that made up the thick meat patty, stacked prettily with tomato, lettuce, red onion &
    Swiss cheese, homemade toasted bun, served with French fries.




    Pot Plate: Lamb Leg with Szechuan Pepper and Onions braised in Guinness – RM28
    These pot plates are slow cooked in their wood-fired oven for hours. Penetrated with rich flavours and the meat is very juicy indeed.



    Never forget Midi 57′s dessert!
    Chef’s special creation:
    Chocolate and Ginger Ganache



    Chocolate Bomb



    Midi 57
    57, Jalan Bangkung,
    Off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar,
    Bukit Bandaraya,
    59100 Kuala Lumpur,

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    Jersey Boys’ See & Stay Deal at Vistana Hotel Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa

    April 18th, 2014


    For those broadway musical fans out there, we’re pretty sure you’ve been waiting to watch one of the most exciting & inspiring journey of The Four Seasons from the mean streets of Newark, New Jersey to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now, Kuala Lumpur has welcomed one of the most successful multi-award winning musicals in the history of Broadway productions, Jersey Boys, when this musical phenomenon rocks its way into Istana Budaya Auditorium from 15 till 27 April 2014!

    Jersey Boys

    Some might say, “The ticket price alone doesn’t come cheap”
    What if you’re offered……

    Jersey Boys’ See & Stay Deal!
    @ RM600 nett per room per night on the 18th or 22nd April 2014


    As the official hotel for the Jersey Boys, Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa is offering fans exclusive See & Stay package for a memorable musical journey to catch the boys in town.


    • Daily breakfast for 2 persons
    • Executive Deluxe Room stay for 2 persons
    • Jersey Boys’ VIP tickets at Istana Budaya for 2 persons (VIP tickets alone is worth more than RM500 per ticket)
    • Return car transfers between Istana Budaya and Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa
    • Late check-out at 3pm

    Booking Period:
    Now until 24-hours before dates of performance

    Stay & Performance Date:
    18th or 22nd April 2014

    Terms & Conditions

    • Prior reservations are required. Subject to availability at the time of booking.
    • This package is only applicable for check-in on 18th or 22nd April 2014.
    • This package is for performances on 18th April and 22nd April 2014 only. Stays for other performance dates are not available.
    • Rates quoted are inclusive of taxes.
    • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions.
    • Full pre-payment is required to confirm reservations.
    • Additional nights will be chargeable at Best Available Rates and subject to room availability.
    • Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


    We’ll be watching tonight! Can’t wait to share our experience :)

    You’re still in time to catch the deal on 22nd April 2014!
    Book Now at

    Vistana Kuala Lumpur Titiwangsa: the Official Hotel for the Jersey Boys
    9 Jalan Lumut, Off Jalan Ipoh,
    50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    Tel: +60 3 4042 8000
    Email: [email protected]

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    Ippudo @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

    April 15th, 2014

    From Hakata or Kyushu-style tonkotsu made with long-simmered rich, milky, pork-bone tonkotsu broth, to simple soy sauce based soup, we’ve seen a spate of ramen joints open in Klang Valley. And as to find authentic Japanese flavours with a little bit of innovation, we would have to agree that Ippudo has set quite a standard above.
    Needless to mention their influential profile as it might take a while to read, check out our first visit to their very first outlet in Pavilion KL HERE.
    Opening their doors to the 3rd outlet just last month at Bangsar Shopping Centre (2nd outlet at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley), Ippudo, that specialized in tonkotsu ramen & with bowls filled with bouncy noodles, has expanded their menu widely with a rather different concept compared to their Pavilion & The Gardens Mall outlet.





    Besides the normal dining area, they also accommodated a bar area with a hanging booze cabinet & pretty martini glasses hanging. More of an outdoor dining & drinking area best suited for patrons who like a cocktail after work or quench their thirst on some fresh draughts for happy hours, paired with Ippudo’s nibbles & ramen of course! Yes, you can definitely pair ramen with cocktail. Read about it HERE!
    Also an area where you can date your football friends to watch a match together too. A rather new & modern concept for a ramen joint we thought :)




    It’s almost a norm for us to order Ocha (green tea) whenever we’re dining in a Japanese restaurant. However at Ippudo, smoothie is one of their specialty. Try them! Very rich & refreshing :)

    Kiwi Smoothie – RM18
    Kiwi,cucumber & orange juice




    Strawberry Smoothie – RM18
    Strawberry & Avocado




    Pomegranate Smoothie – RM18
    Pomegranate, Blueberry & Banana




    They are also offering Lunch Set which is quite a deal comparing to have just a bowl of ramen alone.
    Lunch Set A: Ramen of your choice + Crispy pork salad + drink : RM30
    Lunch Set B: Ramen of your choice + Lunch Box + drink :RM35

    Choose 1 Ramen of your choice from the 4 selections: Akamaru Sinaji (with miso paste), Karakamen (with special spicy miso) , Ippudo Kuro (only available at Ippudo BSC), Shiromaru Motoaji (original)

    Ippudo Kuro
    Thick, chewy noodles served in Tonkotsu broth, topped with BBQ pork, flavoured black fungus, spring onions, spicy blended miso paste & fragrant garlic. FYI, this preparation is only available at Ippudo Bangsar Shopping Centre, making it a specialty and must order when you visit this outlet. The noodles are thicker with more texture & the broth is more intense with a fragrant spicy kick. For ramen lovers who loves mega flavours, this would be your new favourite.




    Shiromaru Motoaji
    Ippudo’s original tonkotsu broth served with ultra-thin noodles, pork loin, bean sprouts, kikurage & spring onions. Still my personal favourite classic Hakata-style ramen :) Light, tasty & creamy too!



    Choose 1 Side Dish
    Crispy pork salad
    Grilled romaine lettuce with crispy bacon & Caesar dressing. The crispy bacon really added the extra crunchy texture as well as the awakening fragrant smell to this salad.




    Lunch Box
    A petite wooden bento box with rice topped with diced salmon, grilled eel, salmon roe, egg and diced cucumber. So cute & yummy!


    & finally Choose 1 drink: Iced / Hot green tea or Soft drinks

    Ippudo Pork Bun – RM7
    One of the most ordered signature dish, the steamed soft bun is enclosed with a piece of “melt-in-your-mouth” braised pork drenched in Ippudo’s homemade sauce.



    Sweet Crispy Corn – RM13
    One tasty nibble that we love, the deep fried spherical corn is coated with a little chilli powder for the extra flavours too.



    Seared Salmon Roe with Mentaiko – RM28
    Would never say no to the spicy cod roe (mentaiko) that has a well balanced flavours with the fresh salmon. Once assembled, they are then glazed with their special sauce.




    Deep Fried Chicken Wings – RM13
    Being skeptical, I was a little puzzled with Ippudo’s chicken wings being one of their signature dish. All along I thought fried chicken was a Korean specialty instead :)
    Take a bite and you’ll be amazed with its crispiness & juiciness no joke. For a different flavour, take a dip into their special chilli powder for an extra kick!



    Cheesebaked Potato Salad with Tobiko (flying fish roe) – RM19



    Waffle Cake with Blueberry Puree – RM14
    Our sweet ending. Waffle and ice cream, always perfectly married.


    **Non- Halal**
    Lot G110 Ground Floor,
    Bangsar Shopping Centre,
    Jalan Maarof,
    59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
    Tel: +603 2011 6238

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    Estilo Spanish Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill @ Publika, KL

    March 30th, 2014

    What wonders the kitchen works with the simple red bliss potatoes that it transforms into patatas bravas, a dish that is beloved at bars and restaurants throughout Spain. Crispy and creamy, patatas bravas: angry potatoes, because they are also spicy & are much more exciting than French fries.
    Well this is just one tapas that we’re talking about.




    Established just barely a year in May 2013, Estilo Spanish Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill is a vibrant restaurant and bar offering a wide variety of Spanish tapas. Their comfortable and charming space is the perfect place to relax with others with a delicious glass of sangria, or enjoy a glass of wine from their extensive menu. Estilo is located in between Elegantology & Silver Spoon right opposite the open centre stage in Publika, KL. More of a a friendly neighbourhood Bar & Restaurant serving authentic Spanish Tapas, charcoal grill specials & paella in a relaxed and casual setting.



    Both of us love tapas and have very strong feelings for Spanish cuisine ever since we nominated Barcelona as our favourite city. Haha.
    What we thought about tapas?
    Small on plates, Big in taste!
    Just love how tapas offers an extraordinary shared dining experience.

    Since there was a group of us, we decided to mix & match a little between their affordable set lunch menu with the tapas selection & paella from the extensive ala carte menu.

    During lunch hours, they serve:
    Tapas for Two – RM49 nett with 2 glasses of citrus twist
    Choose 3 tapas for a selection that they provide:
    * All served with crusty bread & we could choose between homemade fries, Mediterranean rice or salad.

    Saute mushrooms in garlic & cream. Tasty & creamy at the right concoction. Not over satiated.



    Aubergine Caviar
    Chilled aubergine caviar with toast. First time having mashed aubergine in olive oil and this tasted very decent. Served chilled, it was just perfect to be spread on the hot toast.



    Paella Pan Pizza
    Rustic pizza in a pan with chorizo & pineapple. Served in a mini paella pan. Too cute.



    We also had 2 additional orders of tapas from their ala carte menu :)

    Gambas al Ajilo – RM22
    Prawns in garlic & chilli, garlic chips. Highly recommended by the staffs, this was definitely worth to order. Prawns were fresh and the chilli garlic combination was just right.



    Escargots – RM24
    Escargots with leeks & cream sauce on breaded tomato. First time ever having escargots out of their shell and this turns out impressing us all too. The combination of flavours and crunchy texture from the breaded tomatoes was cleverly matched.



    Estilo also offers two-course lunch during weekdays :)
    2-Course Lunch – RM29 nett with a glass of citrus twist
    Soup of the day with homemade bread – We had prawn bisque



    and a main :)
    We chose:
    Grilled Chicken Guacamole Salad
    Layered with grilled chicken, guacamole, tomato & grated egg, rocket salad & aubergine crisp. This had to be one of the best salad I’ve had as the portion and flavours combination was very healthy!



    Paella Mariscos – RM118 (Large)
    With mussels, squids, clams, prawns & deep sea snapper in rich seafood & chicken stock.
    Last but not least, we finishes off with a huge plate of Seafood Paella. Enriched with flavours from the seafood and stock itself, this serving was pretty good but still can’t beat Cava’s. Just a personal thought. A bit too enriching if you were to eat more.




    Estilo Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill
    No 34, Level G2 Block C5,
    Publika Solaris Dutamas,
    Jln Dutamas 1,
    50480, Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603 6203 9883

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    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard

    March 21st, 2014

    If you’re still not sure where Hua Hin is or How to Get to Hua Hin, please refer to our Transportation Guide HERE :)

    During our visit to Hua Hin, we decided to make it up the hills to experience the different side of Thailand through a vineyard. Yes! You might be surprise that Thailand has vineyards too and one of them is in Hua Hin. If you followed our itinerary, we rented a van to take us around Hua Hin so it’s not a problem to travel up to Hua Hin Hills too.
    If you do not travel in a group via rented van, you could also visit Hua Hin Hills Vineyard by their shuttle service at THB 300 per person.
    You can make your booking HERE


    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard is built on a former elephant corral, a sublime place where wild Asian elephants were domesticated. The whole terrain, mostly comprises of loamy-sand and slate, this place about 40-210 meters above sea level is great for cultivation of grapes providing the seaside resort town of Hua Hin with its first boutique vineyard. Today, all visitors are welcome to explore New Latitude Wines at the Sala Wine Bar & Bistro as well as learning more about wines & grapes while touring around the vineyard.




    We’ve been hearing so much about the New World & Old World Wines, but what about New Latitude Wines?
    Like Thailand & India, located closer to the equator, the severe climate and much lower light intensity allow only a few grape varietals to be grown in Thailand whilst India, being upper North, can experiment with more different varietals since the light intensity is longer. It takes much more effort to get the fruit to set and ripe at the same time. Basically a New Latitude producer is doing everything twice in the vineyard due to the monsoon season & extreme dry weather, but harvesting only once, consequently twice the hardship.

    You could also experience a guided tour through the vineyard & learn how vines grows in their tropical climate via a jeep tour. The complimentary tour happens everyday at 1pm and 4pm.




    Our jeep tour guide :)



    There are a total of about over 1,400 rai (560 acres) in this vineyard currently. The harvest month is between mid February to March, said the tour guide.




    They have an inspiring range of grape varieties for palates excitation & that include Colombard, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and eating grapes. According to our vineyard tour guide, the Shiraz grape was grown as part of the Royal Research Project under His Majesty the King’s patronage at Huay Sai & bottled as “Bin 9 Royal Reserve Shiraz, 2005″.





    Stopped halfway for pictures! :)

    huahin hills2

    huahin hills1

    Like we said earlier, Hua Hin Hills Vineyard was previously an elephant corral, and actually previously they provide elephant ride tour! However, the elephant ride service is currently not available as they are working on a new contract till further notice.

    After the jeep tour, we went back to The Sala for lunch. We were also served with their fresh grape juices! The Sala is an enchanting Thai-inspired pavilion that serves as a platform to provide information for visitors, a wine bar & bistro, retail shop, wine cellar, and a meeting facility. It is housed within is a trove of information on new latitude wines waiting to be explored. While dining and drinking on the Sala, one can enjoy the scenic views of the vineyard too, offering visitors a soothing and enlightening experience!










    At their retail shop, we manage to buy some souvenirs back. This include their hand-made products from grape, which have been delicately handled to preserve the vitamins and antioxidants such as a package of juices, jams, essence & grape seed oil!




    During lunch time, we chose over the wine pairing menu as we get to try some of their well-known wines as well as pairing it with tapas :) Definitely a great experience. Having wine and tapas by the balcony overlooking the vineyard…


    Wine Pairing with Tapas
    Grand Tasting Set – THB 1730 (RM176)

    • Monsoon Valley Colombard with Chilled Crab Meat Apple Timbale
    • Monsoon Valley Curvee de Siam Blanc with Foie Gras Terrine
    • Monsoon Valley White Shiraz with Lobster with Frozen Red Curry
    • Monsoon Valley Shiraz with Smoked Duck Breast
    • Monsoon Valley Curvee de Siam Rouge with Cocoa Lamb Chop

    **Pouring size is 75ml


    huahin hills



    Lousy drinker flushed fast LOL


    The Sala
    Open from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
    Kitchen serves food from 11:00 am – 5:30 pm

    Hua Hin Hills Vineyard
    1 Moo 9, Baan Khork Chang Patana,
    Nong Plup, Hua Hin,
    Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110 Thailand
    Cell: +66 (0)81 701 0222 Tel: +66 (0) 81 701 0444
    Opening hours: Daily from 8.30 am – 6.30 pm

    For the detailed Hua Hin travel itinerary, CLICK BELOW:

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    Yamagoya Ramen @ SetiaWalk, Puchong

    March 17th, 2014

    Are you a Ramen lover? Slurp!
    At its most basic, ramen consists of broth and noodles, and it’s much more. When done right, the broth conveys deep flavours and almost a clear essence of the source ingredient. In the best versions, the wheat-flour noodles are pulled by hand and have a slightly springy quality to them. What’s your favourite ramen joint by far in Kuala Lumpur?
    It’s not easy to find the good bowl of ramen in the city as there are many around with different customer perceptions tastewise, and the variations on the dish are actually vast.
    From Ippudo, Santouka, Menya Musashi, Marutama and many more contenders around, our next stop was at Yamagoya to the comforting effects of a steaming bowl of ramen soup.


    What do you find most in your favourite bowl of ramen?
    Fresh, toothsome noodles swimming in rich, restorative broth and topped with meat and vegetables.
    Yamagoya Ramen now has four branches at Solaris Dutamas, SetiaWalk in Puchong, Fahrenheit 88 and Kota Kinabalu. Their Setia Walk outlet in Puchong has the typical ramen house ambiance which we’re not complaining. In fact, we liked it. Nice and simple.




    Mukashi Special Ramen – RM24
    A piping hot bowl of everything with the house made noodles. Topped with Cha Siu, shredded black wood ear, braised bamboo shoot, seaweed, blanched bean sprouts, scallion and soy sauced egg, all these are nicely arranged in a bowl of cloudy rich broth boiled for hours with pork bones.
    However, I would still prefer my soy sauced egg to be in whole rather than they halved it as the yolk wouldn’t mix with the original broth served. That’s my preference though. Haha.





    Miso Ramen – RM24
    For those who loved miso :) We thought this serving was a little salty the addition of the miso paste but some find the flavours comforting from its fermented bean paste.



    Korean Kimchi Ramen – RM22
    Calling out kimchi lovers, you can have your favourite swimming in the bowl of intense tangy soup. The broth was tangy with hints of spiciness that one could tolerate.



    Pork Okonomiyaki – RM16
    Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients and mainly pork as main, drizzled with finger licking good sauce and bonito flakes dancing on top.



    Yamagoya would be our saviour to ramen cravings when the emergency call drops by as it’s pretty near to us, but we both personally still favours Menya Musashi if you ask us. Hehe.

    Yamagoya Ramen
    C-08-G, Block C,
    Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
    Pusat Bandar Puchong,
    47160 Puchong, Selangor.
    Tel: +603 5879 1022
    Business Hours:
    Mon – Thurs: 12-10pm (4-6pm break)
    Fri-Sat: 12-12pm (4-6pm break)
    Sun: 12-10pm (4-6pm break)

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    With Locals: Connecting travellers with locals through food and experiences

    March 15th, 2014

    What do you think would be one of the most exciting things to do when you travel?
    When we travel, one of the easiest and most meaningful things we thought of doing is meet the locals. We personally thought, to the best of your ability, no matter what the language barriers, one should strike up a conversation. Find out their story, their culture, their way of life. Traveling via pre-arranged tour groups or even plan your on travel itinerary would somehow lack the experience originality if you were to discover more about the different culture, activities and food from different countries.
    Locals tell you about their favourite spots and things you shouldn’t miss with a purpose to provide cultural enrichment, education and a good time!


    Good that we’ve found a platform that would allow us to connect with the local folks from different Asian countries, connect with curious and savvy travellers from all over the world. Nothing is better than the bond you share doing something you care about with new and different people.

    With Locals: Find the ultimate experience
    “Connecting travellers with locals through food and experiences”

    Love their tagline. Just by logging into , they would connect locals directly with travellers through food and experiences from their website. As easy as that. With this, travellers like us would be able to taste the real culture and really connect with the local family.

    #1 Log into

    Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.34.06 PM.png


    #2 Select a country that you’ve planned to travel to. Right now they have opened up to some options in Asia, e.g Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Nepal and Malaysia. FYI, you could too become a host for your country if you wish too. Bet it would an incredible experience!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.46.53 PM.png


    #3 You would then discover a list of locals offering a huge variety of experiences from private dinners in the family home to food tours in Singapore or Malaysia and also tea picking on a Sri Lanka hill plantation!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.08.28 PM.png


    Chris and I have previously been to Hanoi, Vietnam with an itinerary that we came out with ourselves and joined local tours to Halong Bay but haven’t really experience the real local tradition. More often the tourist ones. Now, we don’t mind travelling to Vietnam again with the experiences and activities offered by With Locals!

    Some of the activities that we would love to do in Vietnam!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.09.28 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.10.40 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.11.16 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.12.42 PM.png


    Pho is one the must-haves in Vietnam. Imagine having this in a local Vietnamese home :)



    Only while at Halong Bay, we joined the local tours, having meals on the private boat, went shopping for seafood at water platforms sold by the locals. This was also pre-arranged by some Vietnam friends. Now, we know where to look for!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 6.13.25 PM.png






    With Locals aims to allow travellers to experience the real local tradition and not the tourist ones, and give local people the possibility to earn money with things they are good at!
    Check out the amazing experience With Locals. Enjoy the thrill of introducing a new place or experience to someone for the first time & enrich yourself with different cultures in return. This would definitely help shape how we experience and perceive our community and culture. Great job you guys!


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