F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens @ Bangsar Baru, KL

What does the letter ‘F’ meant to you?
No. Don’t think otherwise about the letter ‘F’ for just being a bad word as it’s a total ‘F’ concept for the Buffalo Kitchen.

Fun-Filled! That’s what we should all think of when we dine at the F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens.

All the ‘F’ words written cutely with chalks as you staircase yourself up 🙂
Picture courtesy of kampungboycitygal.com


Located just above Chawan on Jalan Telawi 3, F Concept Dining provides an open kitchen concept adorned by the pots and pans of the Buffalo brand.



A classic and modern environment with displays of coffee grinders, and more Buffalo products


An open area resembling a library for comfort dining




A bar with unfinished touching gave a rustic old school ambiance



Free refillable water 🙂



The menu is somehow compact when we were there, but there was something for everyone: be it pasta, vegetarian & meat.

Soup of the Day – RM12
Onion soup: Clear broth with maximun onion flavour. Just ordinary.



Teriyaki Chicken Roulade – RM30
Served with herbs & pototoes, the roulade was crisply deep fried and drizzled with sweet tasty teriyaki!



Sesame Steak – RM40
Served with lotus root and fennel salad. Coated beautifully with the brown gravy and the sesame contributed the taste most.



Barramundi Seafood Risotto – RM35
Pan seared fresh barramundi with classic seafood risotto. Perfectly cooked, but I personally still prefer my risotto to be more flavoursome as this lacks some taste.



A simple meal that ended with some ice creams!



Very thoughtful furniture: An extension from the chair allowing ladies especially, to place our bags 🙂


F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens
69-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2201 1710

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13 Comment

  1. the extension is brilliant also for the blokes who have to carry their laptop or camera bags around:D

    i wonder if they still serve complimentary pizzas when you order a beer.

  2. The soup is so miserably little if compare to the BIG bowl >.<

  3. nikel says: Reply

    nice ambiance!

  4. Wendy says: Reply

    Ooh love the steps! And how thoughtful of the special stool extension for handbags. Been here once, but thanks to poor memory, I don’t really remember much of the food. Time to make a 2nd visit!

  5. wow…very cool place.. I also want to go there makanz…

  6. ciki says: Reply

    love the stairs! food looks good but i must admit, have not been here!

  7. J2Kfm says: Reply

    Hmm, it was only a so-so experience, I gathered?
    But this looked so promising on TV though, when the host Chui Ling was there for a review.

  8. celyn says: Reply

    Hey baby what is the colour of the bag on bottom? Orange? Brown? Or dark red?

    1. Hi celyn 🙂 It’s dark Orange 🙂

      1. celyn says: Reply

        Urs nice! Im going to buy this hag on9 n there’s many colors to choose! I thought I can get a same colour v u bt there’s no dark orange for selection fml 🙁

        1. yeah i had a had hard time choosing mine at first too 🙂 But i got mine at sunway pyramid 🙂

          1. celyn says:

            Oic … How much u bought at sunway? I bought it on9 for rm27 only!

          2. C ♥ C says:

            so cheap! nice.. I bought for RM39 🙁

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