When life gives you lemons… make Lemonade!
But Lemonade still taste bad sometimes when you’re not in the right mood.

What makes you happy when you’re surrounded with lemons?

Just a sweet & mood-uplifting post to erase all suffocating events.

How to put a smile back on?

#1 Desserts @ Alexis
A few slices of heaven to cheer the girls up!

Mixed Berries Meringue


Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice Ice Cream


Tiramisu – the very delicious birthday cake. Previous post in Bangsar HERE.


#2 Hug yourself with friends and treat yourself a good lunch


#3 Too bad the food wasn’t up to expectation 🙁
Moist and bland spaghetti especially. 


Asked myself: better now?
I need more desserts.

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