What does this looked like to you?


A tongue I suppose…
(An icon for My Honeymoon Desserts House actually)

As we were searching for some ‘tong sui’ around town & so happened that we were near IOI Bouevard, we decided to drop by after spotting that they serve Almond Soup.
This sweet spot has a cute interior; with wallpapers portraying bookshelves & shelved with cute ribbon boxes, little chairs that some people might find it not comfy after all.

My Honeymoon

I almost thought it was a libarry. Know why? It was as silent as the grave that I could almost listen to my own heartbeat even though there were customers around. Hmmm… made us a lil’ shy to talk out loud.

Almond Cream – RM6


Black Sesame Cream – RM6
It was OK


Gingko, Sweet Pototoes & Snow Fungus dessert


Sweet Ball coated with Peanut Flakes – RM7
I love having this “mochi-like” dessert. But still, the tong yuan’s texture could be better.


Marble Tau Foo Fah – RM7
We were highly recommended to have this. Doesn’t look inviting eh? Nothing to shout about about this marble serving too. Too bad.


Verdict: Not the best place for ‘HONEYMOON’ after all.
Guess you know what I meant *wink*

Disclaimer: This is our personal dining experience and we do not intend to forbid patrons/ readers from trying for themselves. Perhaps you think they’ve already improved, do drop by and tell us 🙂

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