Oh yes I love desserts. Who doesn’t?

But in fact, my threshold towards sweet stuffs is way lower than most people I suppose as I tend to criticize silently on most desserts being ‘very sweet’. They are supposed to be sweet. Accuse myself for having a palate that doesn’t really befriend sweetness.
But saying NO to desserts is the last thing I would do. I’m puzzeled myself.
Together with KampungboyCitygal, off we went searching for the right ‘yum cha’ venue in SS2. Since Citygal and I were craving for some sweetness, we settled ourselves for 甜品哥哥 Tim Pan Go Go (in cantonese) dessert house.


Mango desserts are their specialties I heard.
And this reminded me of A Little Dim Sum Place, also in SS2 where it is populared with patrons sampling their Mango tong yuen (rice balls). A place where I always wanted to reach since I’m a huge fan of mangoes, but all those big letdowns of terrible feedbacks left me with resistance and decided to hold back.
Hope 甜品哥哥 Tim Pan Go Go won’t let me down, spoke myself.
This place is filled with their own desserts fans. Bustling with customers during our visit, its interior is simple yet able to bring out the dashing atmosphere of a dessert house with embellishments of huge desserts posters on their walls.
Mango Rolls 芒果肠粉 – RM8
Slightly pricey for its portion, but these mangoes wrapped around with the coconut  based concoction as the outer layer drizzled with mango syrup was the main character on our table. It was like a dessert version of chee cheung fun (CCF). The outer layer made with coconut added another plus point as it tote up the flavours of both mangoes and coconut. Served cold, we loved this most.

Mango Pancake (芒果 pancake) – RM3.50 per piece
This cute little sweetheart was only mediocre. You’ll only get about one centimetres thick mangoes, leaving all the rest as creams. However, its sheer mango outer skin was nicely done. 

Durian Pancake (榴莲 pancake) – RM4 per piece
This was slightly better than the mango pancakes only with a little more durian fillings. And again, sheer outer skin green in colour? Most durian pancakes are in yellow. Perhaps it’s easier for them to differentiate between mango and durian. But it was our first time encountering a green durian pancake. We still prefer the durian pancakes from Lee Lee Sumptuous Dessert @ the Gardens. The amount of cream was just a wee bit over our liking.

Black Sesame Sweet Soup & Rice Balls 芝麻糊 + 汤丸 – RM4
I tend to order black sesame desserts nowadays, but this disappointed me deeply. Initially its sesame aromaticity filled the air but when the time came during tasting, the aroma just disappeared. It lacked the black sesame flavour too. However the black sesame rice ball manage to compensate a little.


Walnut & Peanut Sweet Soup 核桃露 + 花生糊 – RM3.50
The pleasant taste of both walnut and peanut stayed long enough. It was smooth and not overly sweetened too.


Sago with Watermelon 西瓜西米露 – RM5
Served cold, it could be an excellent thirst-quencher. I like its presentation but still thought it was just alright.
Chris and I would love to drop by again for their Mango Rolls again & Mango Kuey Teow (which we have yet to try), but we would only give a ‘so-so’ rate to the other orders.
Disclaimer: This is our personal dining experience and we do not intend to forbid patrons/ readers from trying for themselves. Perhaps you think they’ve already improved, do drop by and tell us 🙂
Having desserts with the sweetest couple left us with an overdose of sugar!
Tim Pan Go Go
No: 36, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/63
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Selangor D.E.
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