Being boundless from exams and studying are such a relieve and at the same time, there’s a feeling of emptiness somehow. Hours spent on studying then were replaced by loitering around Glasgow’s shopping streets, lazing around at home and stressing ourselves up for trip planning. Extremely thrilled that exam is all over, bitting nails with rhythm & anxiously waiting for an all pass result.

However, packing belongings is no fun at all. Room loaded with unnecessary properties which I treated as treasures is another serious problem. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to be home! And soon, we’ll be welcoming the arrival of our juniors!

Meanwhile, why not indulge on some good food?!

This place do offer some home-like treats if you’re homesick or when you can’t withhold the sudden crave of Malaysian delicacies…………
From Scot natives to folks from Asia traveling in Glasgow, RUMOURS KOPITIAM had somehow built a strong reputation in Scotland embracing Malaysia’s delectable well-known dishes. Other than being featured on the HIT LIST in Glasgow’s dining places, they gained the Bronze Award for Asian Restaurant’s Chef of the Year in the Scottish Chef Award. Thus, we can assure ourselves 🙂

Starters Platter

Hainan Style Chicken Rice

Singapore Laksa (Curry Noodles)

Roti Canai

Kam Heong Udon

Thai Style Fried Rice

Pearl Milk Tea (Bubble Tea)

Rumours Kopitiam
Malaysian ‘Cafe Style’ Restaurant
21 Bath Street
Tel: 0141 353 0678
Business Hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm

I bet my juniors would love this place… a lot 🙂

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