Periods of CNY this year seemed fleeting.
Very soon, it’ll be ended with Cap Goh Meh, which is only 3 days away.
Time really speed up especially you’re in a seasonal country I realize… I hope spring comes fast ;P

I checked my mail this morning in return of a rather sham and awful statement expressed by some cyber catalog, stating:
February 14 – A National Disaster for guys……
So untrue. In some point of view..
Do u GUYS really felt so? Tell la.

The V-Day of 2009 is approaching! I’m sure most couples would be scratching their heads having thought of what to get for their partners, to lay back a sweet memory. This is as important as finding a nice place to dine-in! Good food with recommended environment would definitely churn out a romantic atmosphere…

Guys & gals (in KL)
You can stop straining your thoughts and avoid indecisive minds when selecting the right place to hit on the V-Day. Check out KampungBoyCityGal’s compilation of the recommended eateries during Valentine’s HERE & HERE.

Besides that, there is also a new Web2.0 magazine concentrating on food and dining by the name released recently, sold in major bookstores in Malaysia. In this edition, many of the articles from various food bloggers had been featured: Big Boys Oven, Jason, PasanKia, Joan, Joe, Lilian, Jasmine, Mike Yip, Aishah and I am ONE of them too! weee! Can’t wait to see it for myself…. Send a copy to me!! ;P

Wonder what it’ll be like spending it in Glasgow. *hinting this to Chris*
But after Feb 14 would be devastated by test, presentation, reports & essays. *cries*

Returning to our previous Europe trip, we flew to Vienna after enjoying the beautiful sunny days in Paris.
Vienna, known as Wien in German, the capital city of Austria.

Here, in most streets, we would see this:

A German fast-food restaurant chain specializing in serving seafood. The fishery that supplies its seafood has a history dating to back as long as 1896! Really fresh seafood as you can see…
What a fast-food chain. Crowded with patrons at most times, we just have to stop and have a look even if we’re not dining in everytime we passed by Nordsee in different streets. Well, we did gave in to their reasonably priced selections and eat-in at one time and it was worth a re-visit…. if we ever get back there again.

Café Demel, a.k.a Der Demel is a famous chocolatier in Vienna too, located just in front of the Hofburg Palace. Also embedded with a remarkable history, they offer a wide selections of chocolate bakes. Even the chocolate figurines of various types are cute!

Have a great and memorable Valentine’s Day!
Share this special day with your special someone, even friends & family!
A day when courtly love flourished.

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