Chinese New Year is just a few days away!
Feeling of missing home just grew more intense.
I believe most of my friends do.
What to do?
Will be starting our final semester on the very first day of CNY itself! What a wonder! *pouts*

What’s more different this year will be, we’ll get together whipping up our very own reunion dinner. Let’s hope we’ll be amazed by ourselves. Being far away from mummy’s cooking gained us credits of becoming good cooks.

Btw, in conjunction with the days of the Year of Ox drawing near, we would love to share our final post on Paris, bragging out the colourful and delicious dishes that all Chinese emphasize (色香味聚全). However, in a Korean way… Korean food ;P

A newly opened Korean eatery located just 10 minutes away from the Pyramides Station.
It was actually an unintentional visit. Thanks to the French restaurant nearby being closed. Aromatic odour lured us in.



Pickled weed

Bean Sprouts


Mini Pancakes

The Carbs:

Beef Bibimbap (love this to bits!)

Seafood vegetables with rice
Seafood was fresh and the thickened gravy just went well with the rice.

These servings costs 28 euro.
A number with stoke of luck!

Brought up 2 SharE would like to wish our everyone,

moments with Big Ben, London (more snapshots soon!)
Happy Chinese New Year!
May the Year of the OX bring ever-lasting happiness, good health, wealth and good fortune!

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