Last Friday, after having long bargains and was kinda worn-out thanks to crowd at PC fair, we went to Yulek, Cheras for a dinner. A dinner with my high schools buddies which was organized with an intention to celebrate my birthday in advance 🙂

Although it was my first time dining at Hau Kee, I’ve already heard good remarks from Lick and AiWei beforehand, claiming that the food here is delicious! *yeap* it certainly was 🙂

We were served with Boiled Peanuts once settling ourselves at the corner table. I love having these munchies a lot. A lil’ salty and sweet complimenting with each other.

The orders of the night: (so sorry as I don’t know the exact name of these dishes)

This serving of beancurd is highly recommended! Delectable gravy jacketing the smooth, soft and silky tofu! I can finish a whole plate of rice with just this share of beancurd *nod nod*

Sei Tai Tin Wong‘ which comprises four different types of vegetables cooked with belacan. Another flavoursome plateful of gnawing share.

We made an order of the Brinjal with Fish Cake wrapped in Foil paper since quite a number of patrons ordered it as well and we find it kinda out of the ordinary. Tastewise, it was just mediocre. However, it was very fragrant. The gravy went well with the brinjal and fish cake. I love having brinjals but this is not the type of dish I would go for twice I guess. ;P

Known as the Fruity Spare Ribs, I find this over-tasty! Kinda sourish to my liking ;P Nonetheless, the meat texture were perfect. Very succulent!

and… I made a special request! Since we’re dining at a seafood restaurant, I wouldn’t wanna miss having my ‘beloved’ ‘ crabs!! Have been craving for butter crabs for quite a prolonged period, here’s the star of the night!

Claypot Butter Crabs

This crustacean species were definitely fresh!! Coated with excessive and oodles butter gravy, it was lip smacking and finger-licking good! Yummy 😉

What goes well with the buttery sauce? I just can’t stop myself from dipping the toasted and crunchy bread relentlessly into the delicious gravy!
A few floggers and friends have been raving about the deliciousness of King Crab’s butter crab that Chris and I have always wanted to indulge ourselves on. Hmm… wonder if it’s as good as or even more scrumptious than this one? ;P

Satiated definitely, with the total bill of about RM165. …. and we just love camwhoring! Who doesn’t? haha…

Thank you guys for the accompaniment of this lovely dinner and the marvelous gift!
Heart them all!

I just had my actual birthday celebration 2 days ago and it was an excellent one!! Even I could not predict what’s coming and what’s going on! (well, except some minor flaws) LoL..
Thanks to my much-loved family, dear Chris and my beloved friends! Will share the story later on 🙂 I can’t wait to tell!! oh my.. still in shock after what happened! 😉

As Chris’s birthday is drawing near too, (another December baby), our friends gave him this!

Absolute Mandarin
We helped him finish it on my birthday yesterday! hoho..

Hau Kee Seafood Restaurant
No:12, Jalan Kaskas 2,
Taman Cheras,
56100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-9130 0113/ 9131 2013
Fax: 603-9132 8218

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