My desired holiday — eat, shop, travel. Most people, I mean everyone would want this! Getting a rest from work/studies or simply engage in a recreational activity whereby you could forget all worries and just have fun!

A week to put an end to my recreation period and have to get my sedentary mood pervading for another 5 months!
Basically, I didn’t really meet my criteria of holidays much, expect the eating part! Shopped a little, not much traveling…. *yeap, the furtherest I’ve been this semester’s holiday is Malacca!* ~ for food crawling..!

Genting Highlands..
Another usual get-a-way destination for me.
Since I’ve not blogged about the food available in this city on the hilltop that is about 2000 meters above sea level, decided to do some write-ups. I find traveling for food is addictive and made me hearten!
No matter near or far! Agree people?

Went here with my family and the usual routine while I’m here is just loitering around. Don’t really fancy the outdoor games. Got tired of it already! ;P
To kill time, Chris and I followed our parents into the casino. Watching people placing their bets and some even were willing to risk their fortune for their own pursuit of contentment or greed. After a momentary time watching and wandering at the casino… I have an abrupt greed for a nice dinner! Where to??

My cousins suggested Hou Mei. No disagreements, we paced towards the restaurant. Lined up for a few minutes for our seats. Worth waiting though… as our food churned out to be quite satisfying 🙂

JY ordered the Kai See Hor Fun with Soup for RM10.87. Odd price huh? Guess they’ve included the taxes as well.

kai see hor fun

Since lil’ bro have always loved dried version of noodles, he had the Dried Beef Noodle for RM11.30. Kinda pricey.. but it’s Genting. What can you complain about? He loved his portion definitely!

beef noodle

I’ve always fancied their curry noodle here. Curry Noodle for RM 10.87 was a pleasant one as their curry broth were just tasty and… with a filling and generous portion.

curry noodle

My second bro, Kent had no complains on their Hou Mei Specialty Noodle at all, although the noodles they serve were just mere instant noodles. Topped with Fried egg, shredded chicken and prawns, RM10.87 for this dried noodles is kinda hefty.

specialty noodle

Mun opted for her favourite Assam Laksa. Also at RM10.87, the serving was large. Tastewise, she claimed it so-so.

assam laksa

One of my must-order as well, Chris had the Hawaiian Chicken Chop for RM15.70. We find this serving the best among the other food ordered. Tender marinated grilled chicken with a sweet and sourish topping of gravy, served with a sliced pineapple, french fries and some vegetable salads. Thumbs up!

hawaiian chicken chop

My cousins JT and KT opted for these:

Fish & Chips, RM16. This looked kinda plain and dry to me…

Beef Burger at RM 13.70

Fish Burger at RM 13.30

whoa.. expensive burgers! Prefer having burgers at fast food chains like McD! Cheaper ma…!

‘cos I….
“Won’t wanna turn into a pumpkin with an empty wallet!”
— a quote from MeiWen!—

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