Another Dim Sum breakfast treated by Chris. This time he suggested the outlet nestled in Happy Garden, KL. Known as Phang Key. After several compliments from him on the terrific porridge they offer here, he finally decided to bring me along with my lil bro. For the first few times… he went here without me!

But it’s OK now, as I’ve tasted the delicious-ness that he had been raving about! ;P

Since Chris said that this place will be packed with lotsa people, we went there earlier. Wake up early in the morning and headed straight for our breakfast. Located after Sri Petaling and before Taman OUG, this place is easily spotted.

Chris’s recommendation turned out to be true after all. There were a lot of customers ordering and lots of take-a-ways as well. Without further consideration, we ordered 3 bowls of it right away. Even my lil’ bro loved it as he don’t really fancy porridge. Only for RM2.70, a generous amount of thick, ingredient filling portion will be served. The first time I’m eating a bowl of porridge so full of ingredients in a dim sum house. Perhaps I’ve not tried other places, but this is the best I had so far~ Century egg porridge with hidden savoured ingredients!

CIMG3262 copythe Porridge!

CIMG3272 copy
See! See!

However, the siu mai was just lukewarm. They don’t seem to be appealing but still tasted OK, claimed bro.

CIMG3264 copy

Fried Fishballs were bouncy 🙂

CIMG3266 copy

The Vege Wrapped steamed meat was good but I only managed to take a bite, as I noticed there were prawns in them! SoBz…

CIMG3275 copy

Sweet and Sour Meatballs had my vote. Nothing much I can eat~~~ but this was tasty.

The hidden treasure inside 🙂

The HK Chee Cheong Fun was way way better than the one I had at Yuen Garden. Prepared fast, pleasantly tasted and most importantly, piping hot!

CIMG3269 copy

Another must-order is the Yam Puffs with Barbecued Pork filling (Wu Kok) When we ordered these, they are just out from the oven minutes ago… so they’re still very hot and crispy! The tasty barbecued pork wrapped around with the crispy yam was a very good combination. Remember to order ya! Unforgettable…

CIMG3282 copy

The total bill came up to about RM22++ for 3 person. I can’t exactly remember the price but this is an approximate. Reasonable price definitely! If I could take prawns, think I could wallop more @_@


PhangKey Restaurant

65, Jalan Lazat Satu,
Off Jalan Klang Lama,

58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7982 8327

Business Hour : 6am – 12.30pm

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